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Class 5 ------- Fantastic Frogs


This term we are learning all about toys!  This week we had a special visitor called Sir Thomas Topham (but he said we could call him Tommy Tophat), who had travelled all the way from Victorian times to see us.  He brought lots of toys with him for us to explore.


First he taught us about the toys, telling us that they were mainly made of wood, tin, and fabric.  He showed us how they work - we had to do the work as they don't have batteries! Then we got to play with the toys, and they were fun!

Next we played some traditional parlour games.  We found it very interesting to think that families would gather to spend time playing games that needed no equipment.  We played throw the smile, the minister's cat, and human knots, and had lots of fun.   Finally we went to the hall and explored some more traditional toys such as skittles, marbles, hobby horses, hoops and skipping ropes.

English Open Morning


It was lovely to welcome some of our grown ups into school to share some of our learning with them.  We practiced our fine motor skills by using nuts and bolts to build. We practiced our letter formation and spelt days of the week and common exception words.  We used our phonics to help is decode words so that we could match words and pictures to each other, and we played some phonic games.  We really enjoyed sharing our morning, and hope the grown ups who visited enjoyed their time too.