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Class 9 ------- Outstanding Owls

Welcome to Outstanding Owls!

Our teachers are Mrs Stothert and Mrs Llewellyn.

Miss Mee and Mrs Edwards also work in our class each morning.

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In maths, we've been partitioning numbers into tens and ones then using addition and subtraction to solve problems. We use practical apparatus and our own pictorial representations to add and take away 2 digit numbers.
In art, we're learning how to mix hot and cold colours so we can create a portrait of Florence Nightingale using our own shades.
In science we planned an investigation into hand washing. The children covered their hands in oil and cinnamon to represent germs, then tested the most effective way to clean them up. We discovered that warm, soapy water was the best whilst cold water was not very effective at all!
Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our literacy open morning. We have been using Talk for Writing to learn the story Handa's Surprise and we all enjoyed performing our text maps with help from the adults. Now we're going to retell the story using all the great vocabulary we have learned.

On Tuesday 17th October, Year 2 had a spa day to celebrate everything the children have been learning about healthy lifestyles. The children were amazing and we had a really lovely, relaxing day.

First, Owls enjoyed making and tasting healthy fruit and vegetable kebabs with Mrs Cripps and Mrs Palmer.

Next, Owls enjoyed having foot spas, outdoor exercise and nail painting in Class 8 with Miss Asquith and Mrs Elks.

Finally, they returned to our classroom where they had face masks, gentle exercise and relaxation. Well done to all the children who were fantastic all day!

W/b 06.11.17 This week the children have enjoyed learning and reasoning about 3D shapes. We can now describe shape properties and use nets to make our own cubes.