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Autumn 1



In maths this term we have been learning about Place Value. The children have been using concrete resources such as place value counters, cubes and dienes to support their knowledge and understanding.



In Science this term, we have been learning all about being healthy. We have been learning all about healthy eating, the Eatwell plate and the food groups. We had a fantastic time food tasting all of the different types of food from each food group.



Within our being healthy topic we have also been learning about how important hygiene is to keep us healthy. The children completed a pepper investigation to learn all about germs and the importance of washing our hands properly. The pepper represented the germs on their hands and they observed what happened when they put their hands in the pepper without soap on and what happened when they had soap on their hands.  

Design and Technology


In DT this term we have been learning about healthy eating. The children have designed their own fruit kebabs to make on SPA day. This afternoon, they have practised their cutting techniques using playdough. They have been practising the claw and bridge cut so they can use the techniques next week to cut the fruit.