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Welcome to Brilliant Bears!


Phonics PowerPoint from the meeting with Mrs Woodward and Mrs Woods on Thursday 9th December.

Summer 2

Sports Week

We have had a fantastic week! We have tried zorbing and  martial arts. We have had a music and movement session with Kimbles. We were amazing at our Sports day and we also had a sports morning trying lots of different fun activities. 

Our visit to Church Gresley Methodist Church

We met Reverend Dr. Moria Biggins and Celia Anderson

The children made us proud! They were so well behaved and respectful and they asked some brilliant questions! They wanted to know all about the role of the Vicar. We looked at the font and talked about what happens at Baptism. We looked at the altar, pulpit and lectern, etc. We looked all around the Church. The children really enjoyed it.

We had a lovely morning with our visitors! Thank you to everyone who came. Some amazing space rockets and jet packs were made!

History Week-This week was History week in school. We looked great dressed as miners!

We have learnt lots about mining. We focussed on what the children did in the mines and why they used pit ponies. We had a go at crawling through a 'mine' in the classroom. We enjoyed looking at all of the resources in the hall. We watched an animated clip about a 10 year old girl called Mary who worked in the mine in 1841. We used all of our knowledge to draw and write about what it was like in the mines. 

Our trip to the Adventure Farm

We enjoyed our visit to the Adventure Farm. Everyone was able to stroke the Guinea Pigs and feed the very hungry goats. We had a workshop learning about how to care for all the animals. We enjoyed playing on the outdoor equipment and looking out for scarecrows on our tractor ride. Everyone was able to play inside enjoying the slides. It was great fun! 

Summer 1

This week we have learnt about the Queen and the Platinum Jubilee. We looked great dressed in red, white and blue. We enjoyed stories and songs about the Queen.

We made crowns and flags for our street party. We decorated biscuits that we couldn't wait to eat at the party!

 At the party we had jam sandwiches, our decorated biscuit and an ice pop. 

Outdoor Classroom day. We enjoyed doing maths outside. We used skittles to work out subtractions and had 5 speckled frogs on a log in the water.  We put the domino cards in order on the number line.

We also had a special treat of bubbles and sticky velcro throw and catch ball sets.

In the afternoon we drew around our shadows. 

We enjoyed making minibeast hotels. We placed them in the outdoor learning area and waited to see what would happen!

Week Two Gymnastics with SH Active

This week we transferred the shapes we learnt last week onto the apparatus. We did really well!

Spring 2

We had an art day this week. We learnt about the work of James Brunt. He uses natural materials to make his art. We looked at some of his work and then we had a go. We made some fantastic pictures!


It was Science week this week. We learnt about different types of growth including human growth. We thought about how we have grown and changed. We were Scientists and investigated wind and forces (push and pull). We even made a rainbow!

Mrs Cripps came to talk to the children about being a Christian as part of our RE lesson. The children had thought of some very intelligent, thoughtful, questions.

Visit from the Oral Health Team at Alexandra Dental Care

We had a great time learning about keeping our teeth healthy and what happens when we visit the dentist. We learnt about our teeth and how many teeth different animals have. We had a go at dressing up as a Dentist and learnt how to brush our teeth properly. 


World Book Day

We have had a great couple of days working on our class book for World Book Day. Our book was 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman. We found an egg in our classroom! It has started to hatch and we are very excited to see what is inside!

We decorated our door like the front cover of the book. We enjoyed walking around the school and looking at each classes' door. We went to the hall and looked at the amazing book scenes and characters that the children had made.

Natasha Hyde from Swadlincote Library talked to the children about joining the Library and read them a story.

The children loved making their own dinosaur fossils in playdough. They also made dinosaur skeleton pictures and completed a scavenger hunt where they found different objects in the books in our book corner. We enjoyed sharing lots of Dinosaur books and we were authors and made our own books.

Spring 1

Mrs Hussain came to visit and brought in her baby son. She showed us photographs and videos of how they, as Muslims, welcomed him into their family.

Reverend Mike Baptism visit

Autumn 2

Christmas Carol Concert. We hope that you enjoyed our beautiful singing!

Primary Books Visit

Today we had a visit from Primary Books. They shared a story from Japan and we joined in some songs. We really enjoyed choosing our own books to take home.

What a busy first week back!

We had a great time on our WOW day dressed as witches and wizards. 

We learnt about Diwali today and what Hindu people do to celebrate. We enjoyed making a diva lamp, rangoli patterns and mehndi patterns. We learnt the Rama and Sita story too.

Parent New Class Meeting

50 recommended books for Reception children

We had a fun P.E. lesson yesterday!

We went on the bikes, the slide, and the balancing beams.

In Maths last week we compared objects. We used the following vocabulary-taller than, shorter than, longer than, the same as, equal, more, fewer, bigger, larger, smaller, heavier and lighter. 

The children loved making tall towers and measuring them against themselves and their friends. 

Please help your child to use this language at home and outside to compare objects.