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Class 3 ------- Excellent Elephants

Class 3 - Excellent Elephants

Mrs Morton, Mrs Woods and Mrs Haywood

Autumn 1

Our first days

Leaf printing

We had fun learning about the changes in nature outdoors and then using the leaves we found to print indoors.

Cake making for the Macmillan coffee morning

We made chocolate crispy cakes with melted chocolate to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.


We have been learning make different shapes in gymnastics.  Look at our log rolls!  We have been safely climbing onto a bench or table and jump off, landing with bended knees.  We have been practising jumping 1 foot to 2 feet.  We have been doing really well with getting changed independently but Mrs Morton, Mrs Woods and Mrs Haywood would like us to get changed a little quicker!!

Christmas Nativity


Pancake Day!

We've been on a Bear Hunt!

We've been mixing colours to create rainbows

May Day Parade


Adventure Farm Trip

Sports week