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Class 4 ---------- Busy Bees

      Welcome to Busy Bees!    

We all became Busy Bees back in July in our Transition Week.

We worked very hard to create colourful artwork and work as a team.


The Aliens have landed!

What a surprise!  A spaceship had crash landed in our playground!

Close inspection followed ...


We wondered who ... or what ... had manned the spacecraft.  We set to work designing our own ...



We wanted the aliens to be able to travel around Church Gresley ... but how?

Their own spacecraft was broken!

We designed and built buggies for them to use instead!


We have been working hard in Numeracy by using all sorts of different apparatus.

Beadstrings for measuring in pairs ...

And metre sticks to find things longer and shorter than a metre in the playground.

On Tuesday, 14th October, 2014, it was our Literacy Open Morning.

Lots of people came in to see what we were doing ...

... and joined in with the story of Farmer Duck.

We had a great time!

Then is was our Reading Breakfast.

Thank you Mrs Cripps for organising it all for us!


Diwali is the Hindu "festival of lights" which celebrates the New Year.

It is also celebrated by Sikhs.

It is held in the period October to November.  It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.  

It is India's most important holiday.

To celebrate this festival, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and the ten-headed monster, Ravana.

Hanuman, the Monkey King, helped Rama to capture Sita from Ravana's Palace.

The story tells how the villagers welcomed Rama and Sita back from the forest by placing lights - or divas - along the

path to guide them on their way.


We had a visitor who taught us how to do an Indian dance.

We hope you enjoy it!



Still image for this video

Mrs Dancer helped us to make Mattar Paneer - a vegetarian dish of spiced vegetables and Indian cheese.  We also tasted Pulao Rice with Peas.

Look at the photos.  Do you think we liked them?

We have been working hard on recognising 3-d shapes.  We looked for cylinders, cuboids, cones, spheres and cubes around school.  Look at our pictures.  Do you think we found them all?
We made our own 3-d shapes using paper, Polydron and Lego .
We looked at Traditional Stories this term,  We love the story of The Little Red Hen.  We hope you enjoy our version of it!

We visited Sharpe's Pottery Museum

We listened to Nigel who told us all about how the toilets were made and how they worked.  There were lots of potteries in Swadlincote a long time ago.  The toilets they made were sent all over the world!  The maps we looked at showed us where they used to be.

We stood inside the kiln.  It was a funny shape!  We made clay tiles from 'squidgy' clay but they were very hard when they were dry.

And then it was Christmas ....

Our Christmas Performance told the traditional story of Baboushka ... in a very untraditional way!  We told it like The Little Red Hen, but had characters from Dispicable Me and Frozen.  It was fun!

We were given a challenge to make a Christmas item from .... a Pringle's tube!

We worked in teams.  We hope you like our finished products!

Finally, it was Party Day!

We had lots of fun and we even had a visit from Santa!


The Little Red Hen - by Class 4

Still image for this video

New Year, New Topic -


Ice Age!


On our WOW day, we began by watching the film 'Ice Age'.

We even had popcorn!  It was just like being at the cinema!



Then we did lots of activities.

We thought about very cold places - the Arctic and Antarctic and which animals lived there.

And snow, of course!

We visited St George's Church in January.

Reverend Mike was there to greet us.

We were learning all about the church.

We explored it with Reverend Mike.  He explained what all the things were and what they were used for.

We had fun!

This stained glass window is dedicated to all the miners who worked in the pits in Church Gresley.

    Chinese New Year

Each year is named after one of 12 animals.    


2015 is the year of the sheep

We worked hard for Chinese New Year.

Sudbury Museum of Childhood Visit

World Book Day - Thursday, 5th March 2015

We have had fun measuring this term.

And then it was Mother's Day!

Balance Bikes - GREAT FUN!

Numeracy Open Morning - 21st April 2015.