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Class 5 ------- Fantastic Frogs

Welcome to Fantastic Frogs

Spring Term WOW day


We had a WOW day to start our new topic - Can a penguin live in the desert?


In class 5 we learnt about polar animals, made paper plate polar bears, painted pictures of polar animals,  created repeated patterns with penguins and enjoyed playing with the animals in a polar landscape.


In class 6 we learnt about the geography of the UK.  We designed our own flags, completed jigsaws, collaged a map of the UK, and sorted pictures of the UK and other parts of the world. 


In class 4 we shared our knowledge about the weather. We coloured a rainbow, designed clothes to keep us warm, finger-painted trees for each season, and found pictures of weather events on the I-pads.


We had  a lovely day.

Winter Walk


On Friday 5th February we went for a walk to the park to search for signs of winter. It was quite a chilly and cloudy day, which reminded us about the sort of clothes we need to wear in the winter.  We found lots of interesting things to look at, such as bushes with berries for the birds to eat, trees with bare branches, snowdrops, fir trees with cones on them, squirrels and lots of birds.


Because it has been quite a mild winter we saw some early signs of spring too, and we look forward to going for another walk soon to look for more signs of spring.   Thank you to everyone that came with us.

RE - Spring Term

We have been thinking about what it means to belong, as a part of our RE studies this term.  We have been learning about Christian baptism, which is a ceremony where people are welcomed into the Christian family. On Friday 26th February we went to visit St George's and St Mary's Church, where we learnt more about baptisms and held our own mini christening for baby Margaret Brooke!  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, please ask your child to tell you what they have learnt about baptism, and about out visit to this beautiful church.

Topic - Spring 2 - Sticks and Stones


We are learning about materials this term in topic.  In history we have been learning about Church Gresley's past as a pottery making area.  We have learnt that our area was once famous for it's pottery, and that the people who lived here made everything from kitchenware to toilets and sewer pipes!  


We have had a go at making our own pots in the Cornish Ware style that was made in the T.G. Green factory in Church Gresley.  Mrs Palmer is very proud of what we have managed to make all by ourselves.

Mother's Day 


This week we welcomed many of our mums and grandmas into the classroom to celebrate Mother's day.  We served them cakes that we had decorated ourselves, and sang them a song that we had learnt especially for the occasion - 'My Mum is One in a Million'.  We hope that everyone enjoyed their time with us, and would like to wish all the mums a very happy mothers day!

Science - Were the three Little Pigs good builders?


This week we have been thinking about the materials that the Three Little Pigs used to build their houses.  We have been writing about the story in Literacy, so we know that they used straw, sticks and bricks to build their houses. We learnt that in the story, the Big Bad Wolf was able to blow down the houses made of straw and sticks and eat the Little Pigs. We decide to test the same materials to see if the pigs had chosen poor materials or if they were just bad builders!  


We worked in teams to plan our house builds.  We predicted that the brick houses would stay up, but thought the straw and stick houses would probably blow down, just like they had in the story.


We had great fun building the houses, and were very surprised to find that both of the houses built of straw survived the Wolf's best efforts to blow them down. One of the stick houses, and both of the houses made of bricks also survived.  We concluded that the pigs were poor builders, although we are concerned that some of our houses wouldn't keep the pigs very dry if it rained!

Sports Relief


Today we walked a mile to raise funds for Sports Relief - we had to walk around the playground 7 times!  It was a little cold but we enjoyed ourselves as you can see from our photos!  We look forward to collecting all of our sponsorship monies to help children who are less fortunate than us.

Andy Goldsworthy


Continuing our topic work looking at materials, we have been studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy this week.  Andy is a British artist who creates sculptures and environmental art from natural materials.  


We were inspired by his work to create our own art projects using natural materials such as twigs, stones, leaves, shells, pine-cones and bark.  We worked as groups to create our designs which include a bird and it's nest, a fish, a sea-side garden, a woodland, a boat washed up on the shore and a geometric pattern.


Our team-working skills are really improving and Mrs Palmer was very proud of how well we talked to each other to plan and create pieces that we all contributed to and felt proud of.  

Early Riders


This week we are having great fun with the team from Bike Ability.  We are getting to be active and to practice our team skills everyday playing games in the hall.

Meanwhile, outside we get to use the bikes! 


Today we have been learning to make them move - dinosaur steps not mice steps.  How to control and steer the bike  by going around in a big loop, and then by weaving between the cones.  Then finally we got to play a speedy game, girls versus boys.  By the end of the session both teams had won a game each.


I wonder what we will get up to tomorrow?  smiley

Today we finished our sessions with the Bike Ability team.  


We worked as two groups again, playing team games in the hall, using our throwing, kicking and running skills.  Outside we continued to develop our skills to control our bikes through races where where we had to weave through cones, and collect beanbags.  


We have had great fun this week - even a bit of rain today didn't dampen our enthusiasm, although it did make the adults look a bit soggy!  We would like to say a big thank you to the team from Early Riders and to Miss Johnson for organising the week.

Summer Term 1


It has been lovely to see all of the children back in school this week, and to hear about their exciting adventures during the Easter holidays.


We have had a busy start to the new term.  In Numeracy we have been practicing our number skills by counting up and down in 2s, 5s and 10s, and counting on from any number. On Thursday we learnt about estimation, which we discovered means taking an educated guess.  We practiced in pairs using counters and found that we were able to be quite accurate in our estimations after a little practice.

In literacy we have begun to work with a story without any words called Ride of Passage.  


First we listened to the sounds at the start of the film and made a list of everything we thought we could hear.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed with how well we listened and all of the ideas and vocabulary we produced.  We heard parrots, monkeys fighting, swords swishing, horns, explosions, trees swaying, lions, mud squelching, people fighting, arrows flying, acrobatics, jungle sounds, people shouting, ninjas and some noisy yoga!  When we watched the introduction to the film we discovered that some of our guesses had been very accurate!  


We then sequenced some pictures from the main film and made predictions about what we thought the story would be about.  After watching the film we talked about how we thought the main character had felt at different points of the film.  Again Mrs Palmer was very impressed with our inference skills as we only had the pictures and music to guide our ideas.  We then acted out some of the scenes from the film in groups, concentrating on the emotions of each part.

In Topic we have begun to explore our theme for the term - Animal Crackers.


We have thought about questions such as "Do fish have fingers?"  "What is special about birds?", Why do cheetahs run fast?" "How are animals grouped?" and "How are different animals the same or different?"


We have explored the work of local artist Hayley Goodhead, and have created our own versions of her beautiful zebra paintings.


Finally, we had a WOW day where we learnt about amphibians which can live on land and in water, about big cats such as lions, tigers and cheetahs, and about birds.  We had great fun painting and colouring, building nests, making cages for some escaped big cats, making beautifully plumed birds of paradise, and exploring the various role play areas.  

We're looking forward to seeing what the rest of this busy term will bring for us!

Maths Open Morning


We enjoyed welcoming lots of our grown-ups into school this week for a maths morning.  We demonstrated some of our super maths skills in counting, using number-bonds and our knowledge about shape and days and months of the year, we even managed to answer some questions that the adults couldn't do!


Then we worked together on a series of challenges working with 3D shapes, division, direction, time, number bonds, estimation and counting and number work.  We all really enjoyed our time together and hope that our visitors did too.

Spring Walk


We went on a walk to the park today (Friday 23rd April) to look for signs of spring.  Although the weather was a little chilly we saw lots of buds on the trees and bushes, daffodils and other spring flowers, blossom on the trees, and even a bee braving the cold.  It was very interesting to see how the park changes with each season we observe.  We would like to thank everyone who came with us.



This term we are 'Rocking and Rolling' in PE.  We have been practicing ways of moving our body, using a rocking motion to give us momentum, and how we can create different shapes with our bodies such as wide and narrow shapes, high and low shapes.  We have also been learning various rolls such as pencil rolls, tucked up rolls and teddy bear rolls.  We will be continuing this over the coming weeks and including apparatus in our routines.


With this in mind we had a lesson this week where we explored the various pieces of apparatus that we have and used some of the moves that we have learnt.  We had great fun exploring different ways of climbing, jumping and balancing.  Mrs Palmer was very proud of how sensible we all were when using the equipment, and how many of us persevered to learn how to use a piece of equipment that we found difficult or scary at first.



Today we joined with the rest of the school to undertake our ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) day fun.  We really enjoyed learning some new dance moves, and the sun shone which meant we all smiled and had a great time.  

Summer 2


We have had a fun start to our final term of the year.  We have been learning about the Queen in our Literacy and Topic lessons this week, and sharing all of the fabulous homework that all of the children completed over the holidays.


We finished the week with a fabulous tea party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday, where we were serenaded by the school choir and each of the year groups performed a dance for us all.  We had a lovely time eating special cakes and celebrating together.

Dad's DT Morning



We welcomed lots of dads and granddads into our classroom to help celebrate Fathers Day, for a DT morning.  We had a Lego theme this year and we all had lots of fun.  The adults all had great fun building models from all of the Lego, using the various challenge cards for inspiration, and they even let the children help a little bit!  Mrs Palmer and Mrs Dancer were very impressed with the Lego building skills of all the children and adults.   We  also designed superhero Lego figures, played games using Lego pieces and played a brick busting game.


All of the Fantastic Frogs would like to thank all of our visitors for coming in to help us to have a fantastic morning.

The Bog Baby


It may be the last week of term but we are still having lots of fun in Fantastic Frogs!


This week we received a mission from Mrs Mansell.  A strange creature has been spotted around school and we were asked to investigate.  The description of the creature made it sound like a Bog Baby so we decided to start our mission by producing some images of it so we would know what we were looking for.  We listened carefully to the description and then we created play dough and pom-pom models, made collages and drew pictures of the Bog Baby.

On Tuesday we created posters to try to gain more information about sightings of our visitor.  We then thought about what we would do if we manage to capture the Bog Baby.  We thought about habitats (where something lives), and thought about what the Bog Baby might need from a habitat.  We decided that it might like somewhere similar to the Bluebell Woods where it was first spotted.  We then painted and drew habitats for the Bog Baby and created ones from natural materials such as wood, shells, leaves, and grasses.

On Wednesday we discovered that the Bog Baby had been captured on camera!

He had been all around school visiting lots of places.  We decided that he is a very cheeky little character!



Armed with the clues about where the Bog Baby had been seen we went on a hunt for him.  We looked all through the school building (and caused a bit of a commotion in year 2 - sorry!) and whilst we found lots of clues in the way of glitter we didn't find the Bog Baby.  We decided that maybe it was to noisy in school during the day, so we went out to look around the playgrounds.  Here we were very excited to find lots of glittery spots where he had been, and we thought we saw him flutter by a couple of times.  We also found some potentially good habitats for the Bog Baby to live in.


Eventually we tracked the Bog Baby down and found him in the big oak tree opposite our classroom.  He had been watching us the whole time!  Mrs Palmer carefully scooped him up and we took him back to class in a bucket.


After this adventure we finished reading the story about the original Bog Baby and discovered that if Bog Babies are kept out of their natural habitat they get sad and sick.  We talked about what we should do with the Bog Baby that we found.  Some of us thought we could keep him as a class pet if we made him a home in a quiet corner, but eventually we decided that it would be best for him if we put him in a natural habitat.  We are going to release him into the wooded area at the side of our playground and that way we can keep a look out for him next year.


We then thought about what other Bog Babies might look like if he was to have a family of his own.  We made models , painted and drew pictures of these new Bog Babies.

On Thursday we completed our investigation by  writing the story of the Bog Baby.  We then created a habitat and a Bog Bay of our own.  Finally we created an exhibition of all our fantastic work this week and invited our adults in at the end of the school day to look around.  We would like to thank everyone who came in to see our exhibition.

Happy Holidays!


Mrs Palmer, Mrs Dancer, Mrs Howard, Mrs Raw and Miss Roe  would like to thank all of the children for their hard work this year.  We are so proud of all you have achieved. 


We wish  you all a fantastic and safe holiday, and look forward to seeing you again as you move on into year two.