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Class 5 ------- Fantastic Frogs

Welcome to Class 5 - Fantastic Frogs

Our teachers are Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey.  


We are really looking forward to learning together during the next year.

Autumn Term 1


Week 1


This week in English we have been thinking about our holidays.  We have told a friend about what we did during the holiday and tried to use lots of interesting language.  We have drawn and labelled pictures, and then tried to write a sentence about our adventures.


In Maths we began by looking at groups of objects (such as different shapes, beads, or coins) and seeing how many ways we could group them.  Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey were very impressed with some of our language and reasoning.  We sorted our objects  by their colours, the number of sides they have, their size, whether they could roll or not, their shape and their value.

In the afternoons we have been getting to know each other by playing games where we had to group ourselves according to similarities such as eye or hair colour, whether we had a pet, how many brothers or sisters we have etc.  We have been completing booklets about our families, and practicing our fine motor skills by making numbers from play-dough, threading beads, building wonderful creations and colouring detailed pictures.  We have also been exploring our role play area for the term - a doctor's surgery.  Our topic this term is 'All About Me' and we will be learning about our bodies and our senses as well as the local area where we live.

Week 3


This week we have been comparing amounts and numbers in maths using the language of more and less, greater than, smaller than and equal to.  We learnt that greater than and more both mean a larger amount or number and that equal means the same as.


In English we have been practicing writing the names of the days of the week, and using our phonic knowledge to sound out and write the words in sentences dictated by our teachers.  We also watched a short film called 'Adventures are the pits' about a boy who conquers his fear of going down a slide into a ball pit and all the yucky things he encounters along the way. After we had thought about and discussed the film we thought about what sort of adventure would scare us, and then we wrote some super sentences about our ideas.


In Science we learnt about our five senses - sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing - and linked it to our learning from last week about parts of the body by thinking about which body parts we use for each sense.  In Design Technology we thought about our hair and it's texture, and selected suitable materials to make a  fun picture of ourselves. In PE we have been practicing our throwing skills by trying to get a quoit over a post,  and discovered it'ss much harder than we expected!  In RE we thought about who is special to us, and wrote some super sentences giving our reasons along with some great drawings of our special people.  In geography we were learning about aerial views, and we learnt that these are 'pictures' taken from above as if we were a bird looking down.  We used this knowledge to create some aerial view maps of our classroom.


Week 4


This week, in English, we have begun a unit of work based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.  We have been creating our own oral version of the story and creating a text map to help us remember the order of events.  In Maths we have been practicing counting to 20 and back to zero, learning about ordinal numbers and practicing our number knowledge by ordering numbers onto a blank number-line.


In Science we undertook our first experiment.  We learnt that when we conduct a fair test we keep almost everything the same, just changing one thing each time.  Our experiment was to find the best tasting jelly from a selection.  First we made predictions about which jelly we thought would be best and then we undertook our taste test.  We had plain orange jelly, orange jelly with salt on it, and orange jelly with vinegar on it.  As a class we predicted that the plain and vinegar jellies would be most popular, and our results showed that our predictions were quite accurate.  The plain jelly was most popular, but Mrs Palmer was surprised by how many of us actively liked the vinegar flavoured jelly!

In RE we have been thinking about what makes a good friend and designing a poster about this.  Finally, we helped to make lots of yummy cakes to sell at the Macmillan coffee morning.  Thank you to everyone who braved the rain to come and buy a cake and help us to raise money for this great cause.

Week 5


We have continued our work with the Three Billy Goats Gruff story in English this week.  We have been learning about questions and exclamations and the different punctuation we use for these types of sentences.  We practiced ordering different sentences that use these new types of punctuation and were very good at working out the right order for all the parts.  We also tried writing our own questions and exclamation sentences, but we found this a bit trickier!

In Maths we have been learning about number bonds, these are two smaller numbers that when added together make a larger total.  We have been using part-whole diagrams to record all the ways a number can be split into different parts, and Mrs Palmer has been very proud of how much progress we made with this over the week as we found it very tricky to start with but now we are becoming rather proficient!


In Science we undertook another fair test experiment using our sense of smell this week.  We made predictions about which of 4 smells we would prefer, undertook our test, and then looked again at how our predictions and results compared.  This week they didn't match up - we had thought roses would be our favourite smell but results showed that cinnamon was most popular. 

In Design Technology we have been practicing our sewing skills.  We learnt how to thread a needle and how to sew using running stitch.  We found this task very tricky and got ourselves rather tangled at times, but we persevered and we feel very proud of our finished pieces.  Finally, we have been singing a lot this week to learn our song for the harvest festival, which took place on Friday afternoon.  It was lovely to see so many of our grown-ups at the church, and we hope you enjoyed our Harvest Samba.

Week 6


We've had a another busy week in Fantastic Frogs.  On Tuesday we welcomed some of our grown-ups into class for our English open morning.   We showed them how good we have gotten at telling our Three Billy Goats Gruff story, read some common exception words and then joined them in trying lots of activities using our reading, phonics and writing skills.  We had a lovely time and hope that all of the adults who joined us enjoyed their visit.

In Maths we have been learning about number bonds.  Number bonds are the addition sentences that can be created by breaking a set number into its different parts.  For example to the bonds for 5 are 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, and 5+0.  We found working systematically to find all of these bonds very tricky to start with, but over the week we have kept trying and impressed Mrs Palmer with our progress.

In Science we have been learning about the seasons and the way that they differ, such as the plants that we see, changes in the weather and changes to the amount of daylight we get.  We did some super writing about autumn and created some lovely pictures. 


In Geography we have been using our super map reading skills to find the route that we use to travel to school each day. We thought about the things that we see each day, how we make the journey, and the reasons why some of us can walk whilst others travel by car.


In Design Technology we did some more sewing and fine motor work, and Mrs Palmer found some budding tailors amongst the boys!

Week 7


Our final week of term was as busy as all the others.  In Maths we continued our work on addition by using our amazing skills to find the missing numbers in addition sentences.  We learnt that there were various ways to do this but the one we liked best was using the numicon.   We discovered that if we found the piece that showed the whole amount, and put the piece on top for the part we did know, we could easily see what the missing part would be by counting the uncovered pieces.

In Design Technology we finished our sewing pieces by adding beads to our material to make a design.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed at how we managed to use the skills she has taught us over recent weeks to undertake this task with only a little help.


In Geography we learnt about the compass points North East South and West, and Mrs Palmer taught us some mnemonics to help us remember the order they run in - Naughty Elephants Squirt Water was our favourite!  We used our learning to direct a beebot around a course and to write instructions to find a route out of a maze.


In PE this term we have been learning about jumping correctly, remembering to bend our knees and flex our ankles to balance our weight.  This week we got to practice our learning by using various pieces of equipment to balance on and jump off of - it was good fun!

Autumn 2


Week 1


We have all had a lovely half term holiday, so in our first English lesson we developed our super sentence writing skills by telling Mrs Palmer all about our holiday adventures.  So many of us remembered to use our capital letters, word spaces and full stops that Mrs Palmer thought we must have been practicing all holiday instead of having fun!   She challenged us to try to extend our sentences by using a conjunction such as 'and', 'but' or 'because' to join two ideas and make a longer sentence, and lots of us rose to the challenge and created some wonderful work.


In Maths we started the week with Smarties!  We worked in small groups to think about what we thought maths was and decided that it involved addition, subtraction, writing number sentences, counting, and patterns.  Then each group were given a tube of Smarties and had to think about how they could help us to do some maths.  We thought that we could count how many were in the tube and see which group had the most, sort them into their colours and compare the amounts, use them to help us do addition or subtraction, and use them for sharing into equal groups.  We had great fun trying lots of maths and then at the end we got to eat them - yum!



We've been trying to go for a walk to look for signs of autumn recently but haven't had much luck.  First it was rainy and very windy so we had to cancel, and now something else has come up on Friday which means we can't go again.  So, because it was a lovely and sunny (if a bit chilly) on Monday, Mrs Palmer decided we would have a mini-autumn walk in the afternoon.  We all wrapped up warm and went exploring around school.  We found lots of different, autumnal coloured leaves on the trees and on the ground, various berries, conkers and their husks, acorns, mushrooms and bare branches on trees.  We even saw a squirrel once we managed to be quiet for a few minutes!

On Tuesday we had a special visitor from the past!  Mr Thomas Tophat came to visit us from Victorian times, and brought lots of toys for us to try.   First we played with the sort of toys children would have played with outside - either in the playground at school or in the streets at home.  We had hoops, skipping ropes, quoits, skittles cup and balls, sticks and ribbons and numbers-up boxes. We had great fun trying them all.

Next we played some parlour games. These are the sort of games that families would play on Sundays or special occasions when they were all home together.  They often involved talking and using your memory.  We played 'Throwing Smiles' 'Poor Pussy Cat' 'My Grandmother's Trunk' and 'The Human Knot'.  We enjoyed all of them but our teachers enjoyed watching us try to unknot ourselves in this last game the most!
After lunch we had our last session where we met Mr Tophat.  He talked to us about the materials that Victorian toys were made from (wood, tin, fabric) and explained that as they didn't have batteries etc the toys were all powered by either gravity or the children who played with them.  Then we got to try lot's of different toys and had great fun.

Week 2


In English we have continued to work with our story about Dogger.  We have worked together to create and learn sentences that tell the beginning of the story in preparation for writing part of the story next week.  We interviewed Dave about his friendship with Dogger, and how he felt about losing him, and learnt about how to add suffixes to words such as 'ed' to show things have already happened and 'er' which we use when we compare two things.


In Maths we have been learning about shapes.  We have identified and sorted 2D and 3D shapes and found real life examples of them in the environment around us.


In Science we have begun learning about light and dark.  This week we were learning about sources of light, which are things that produce light by themselves rather than reflecting light from other things.  We thought of candles, torches, fires, our ipads, tablets and phones, the interactive whiteboard in our classroom, the sun, lamps and light-bulbs.  Lots of us also thought the moon was a light source and we found it very hard to believe Mrs Palmer when she told us it is not a light source, but simply reflects the sun's light.  In fact many of us are still not convinced that she isn't trying to trick us!



In history we have continued to work on our topic for this term - toys.  We thought about the old toys that we played with last week, and compared them to our own favourite toys.  We discovered that many of our toys are now made of plastic and have electronics within them, which is very different to the toys we played with last week.


In RE we are thinking about celebrations this term.  This week we were thinking about special celebrations that we have been to.  We talked about our birthday parties, Christmas and Easter celebrations, Christenings, weddings and anniversary parties that we have attended, and did some great writing about them.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Togo and Nogo who are aliens that had crash-landed on earth.  Together we learnt about road safety with the help of some of their friends - a policeman, a lolly-pop man and a mechanic - whilst they tried to fix their space rocket.  We had a fun afternoon together and learnt that when we cross the road we should:

* always find somewhere safe to cross the road, and use crossings when possible

* always look right, left and right again

* listen carefully for traffic

* hold the hand of an adult

* wear bright or reflective clothing when it is getting dark.

This week we have been thinking about the soldiers who fought in the two world-wars, and other conflicts, and learning about why we wear poppies to remember them.  On Friday we joined with the rest of the school to have our remembrance assembly.  Each class had made its own wreath of poppies, which we laid together before we listened to Miss Pickett play the Last Post and had a two-minute silence.

Week 3


This week we have completed our work with the Dogger story in English.  On Monday we wrote the beginning of the story using the sentences that we have learnt over the last few weeks.  Mrs Mansell popped in for a visit while we were working, and she was very impressed by how hard we were trying and how much detail some of us had managed to include.  On Tuesday we learned how to read through our work to correct mistakes and to improve our writing.  We found this task quite difficult, but Mrs Palmer has promised us that if we practice it will become easier. 

Later in the week we practiced using connectives such as 'and' or 'because' to join our ideas together.  We watched a short film called 'Partly Cloudy' and then talked about the characters and events.  At first we found it a little tricky to answer questions in full sentences, but after a while we got the hang of it, and were able to use the sentences starters and target words we were given to create great sentences.


In Maths we began a new unit looking at the how the place of a digit in a number changes it's value.  We learnt that in 2-digit numbers the first digit stands for the tens and the second for the ones. We  practiced this new learning by representing 2 digit numbers in a variety of way.

In science we were thinking about light sources again.  This week we had to sought various light sources into natural and man-made groups.  We were very amused by the thought of fire-flies being real!   In Art we looked at the work of Mondrian who created abstract pieces of art using primary colours.  


On Friday we all came to school in our pyjamas for Children in Need.   We learned about how this wonderful charity helps children all around our country, and then we learned about the lives of children around the world, many of whom do not have the same rights and privileges that we do.  We all helped to create a life-size piece of art that will be displayed in school as a part of the display for International Children's day.

Week 4


We have begun working with a new story in English this week - The Gingerbread Man.  We listened to the story and tried our best to write as much of it down for ourselves.  As the week went on, we have begun to create and learn our text map of the story so that next tie we write it we will be able to remember lots more detail, and hopefully put some full stops in too!


In maths we completed our unit on place value, looking at 2 digit numbers and how the value of a digit changes dependent on where it sits in a number.  Mrs Palmer is very proud of us all as lots of us can now write numbers beyond 50 and some of us got beyond 100 with all the digits in the right places! 


In history we have been continuing our toy topic by looking at toys from the last 50 years.  It was fun to see some of the things our grown-ups would have played with when they were little!


In science we undertook an experiment to see which material made the best curtains for teddy's house.  We concluded that cling-film was very poor, and that while tin foil kept out the most light, fabric was best as it kept out a lot of light but didn't rip and looked nicer.


On Monday we had a visit from Mike Molloy who is a real author!  He answered lots of our questions about writing, and was very patient when we asked the same question in lots of different ways!  Then he set us a challenge to imagine what was in the saddlebags.  We thought of lots of super ideas

On Wednesday we had a reading breakfast before school started, where our grown-ups could come in and read with us.  Lots of us joined in and we had a lovely time sharing different book and magazines, or colouring pictures connected to our English work stories.
On Thursday we had a visit from Primary Books.  We listened to, and joined in with, a story from Jamaica about some cheeky monkeys who took all the hats from a man's bag!  We learnt that "what monkey sees is what monkey does!", and had great fun being the cheeky hat wearing monkeys!  We also got to try to play the steel drums and to look at and buy some lovely books.

Week 5


This week we have continued to work with The Gingerbread Man in English.  We have been practicing telling the story, ordering pictures from the story, thinking of adjectives to describe the characters, and creating our own sentences to describe parts of the story. 


In Maths we have learning about money.  We all knew that we need money to pay for things that we want to buy, and some of us know the values of various coins.  We have spent the week drawing around and labelling coins, using our counting and addition skills to find out how much is in the purse, adding together the value of items in the toy shop, and using our problem solving skills to find different ways of making an amount using various coin combinations.  Some of us have found these activities very difficult, but Mrs Palmer is very proud of how hard we have tried.


In RE we have begun to think about Christmas, by talking about why this is an important celebration for Christians.  We looked at advent wreaths, learning that the candles around the wreath represent peace, hope, love and joy, and that one gets lit each week in the 4 weeks before Christmas which is known as advent.  We also learnt that the central candle is lit on Christmas day and represents Jesus. On Thursday we made Christingles.  We learnt about all of the different parts and what each of them represents to Christians.  Then we got to sit in the dark before Mrs Palmer lit them for us - they were very pretty!






Week 6


This week we completed our work with the Gingerbread Man story in English by writing a new ending to the story.  We thought about what animals other than a fox might be able to help the Gingerbread Man across the river, and which part of their bodies the Gingerbread Man may be able to hop onto to avoid getting wet.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed by the various characters we created.


In Maths we finished our unit of work learning about money.   We used our super subtraction skills to learn how to give change, and practiced all of the skills we have learnt over the unit to pretend to be shop keepers.


In the afternoons we have been practicing lots for our Nativity performances - we're getting very good now, and very excited about Christmas!

Week 7


This week was a bit strange and a bit exciting!  We started with an extra day of holiday as we had so much snow school couldn't open!


On Tuesday we did some super independent writing about our snowy adventures, we had managed to build lots of snowmen, and made snow angels as well as enjoying time with our families.


Over the week we learnt about the Christmas story and did some super writing about the various events related to the birth of Jesus.


On Wednesday and Thursday we performed for our grown-ups in our Nativity performances.  We hope that everyone enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed singing, reading and acting.

Week 8


It's nearly Christmas!  This week we have finished our term by thinking about what Christmas is about and enjoying time together.


On Monday we joined with the rest of school for a Christmas service at our local church, completed our writing about the Christmas story after learning about the 3 wise men, and enjoyed some Christmas crafts.


On Tuesday the choir performed a Christmas concert for their parents, we got crafty making crowns for our party, and had a big celebration assembly with lots of Mums & Dads - what a busy morning we had!  In the afternoon, we had a disco and played some fun games, payed a visit to Santa and were luck enough to receive a present each from him, and had a big part meal together.  Now we are all ready for a rest!


We would like to wish all our grown-ups a very Happy Christmas, and are looking forward to all the fun things we have to learn in 2018.

Spring Term 1


Week 1


We have enjoyed our first few days back together.  On Thursday we enjoyed practicing our phonics by playing a fun game together in teams, and writing about the wonderful presents we received for Christmas.


In the afternoon we thought about why we celebrate New Year, sang a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne, and made some resolutions of our own - I wonder if we'll manage to keep them?!




On Friday, we had a WOW day to start our new topic - Can a penguin live in the desert? - spending time in each of the year 1 classrooms which had learning on a different theme. 


In Class 5 we learnt about animals that live in the Arctic and the ways that they are adapted to live in their environment.  We had fun making polar bears, painting, researching, reading to some Arctic friends, making repeating patterns with penguins, playing in the small world, colouring and match animals heads and bodies.


In Class 6 we learnt about the countries that make up the United Kingdom.  We had fun colouring flags, exploring atlases and maps, building some tricky jigsaws, matching and labeling flags, and sorting pictures into UK and not UK.


In Class 4 we thought about the seasons and weather.  We learnt that we have seasons because the Earth tilts as it circles the sun so that sometimes we are closer to the sun and sometimes we tilt away from it. We thought about lots of different types of weather and linked them to different seasons.  We enjoyed finger-painting seasonal trees, colouring rainbows, researching weather, matching clothes to the season, making play-doh snowflakes and creating weather word collages.


We have learnt lots and are looking forward to exploring our topic further.

Week 2

This week, in English, we have had a sentences boot camp!  We have been focusing on our handwriting (making sure our tall letters touch the line above and our lower case letters are consistently sized), finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and using our phonics for spelling.  We have found fixing our handwriting the trickiest part, but Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey are proud of how hard we have tried, and they have said that some of us have made lots of progress over the week.


In maths we have been working with numbers to 20, recapping our knowledge of what the digits in the numbers stand for, the order of the numbers and how we spell their names.


In RE we have begun a new topic about belonging by thinking about who we belong to and how it makes us feel to be a part of our family.  In Geography we have been learning about the countries of the United Kingdom, and their capital cities.  In Science we continued our learning about seasons by thinking about winter.  We learnt about the type of weather we experience, why days are shorter, and how animals and humans survive in the colder weather.

Week 3


This week we have begun to work with the story Lost and Found.  We read and discussed the story, acted it out, and wrote about the parts we liked best. 

In Maths we have been continuing with our unit of addition and subtraction.  This week we have been practicing our subtraction skills.  We're getting quite good at subtraction now, although we sometimes need to count carefully to make sure we get the right answer!

In Geography we have been learning about the characteristics of each continent, and we impressed Mrs Palmer with how much we had remembered from last week.  In Science we have been learning about how animals are adapted to the climate they live in, and this week we studied polar bears.


On Thursday we had a visit from a Road Safety Officer.  We had remembered lots from our visit last term by Togo and Nogo, so we were able to help her to decide where to cross the road and how to do so safely.


On Friday we went on a walk to the park to hunt for signs of winter.  We found most of the items on our checklists and enjoyed looking around, although it was rather cold!  We are looking forward to going again over the next few terms for our Spring and Summer walks.  Thank you to all of the adults that joined us for the walk - we are unable to go without you to help keep us safe and we really appreciate your time.

Week 5


We continued our work with Lost and Found this week in English.  We have created posters to advertise the penguin we have found, thought about what we would take with us on a journey to the South Pole, and began to plan what we would write on a postcard that we'd send home from the South Pole.



In Maths we have completed our addition and subtraction unit by learning how to solve missing number problems.  We have found this a little tricky as we sometimes need to add to solve a subtraction sentence (which seems a bit strange) but we have persevered and been successful in the end!  On Tuesday we had lots of fun welcoming our adults in to school.  We showed off some of our skills and then showed them helped them to try some of the activities we had to complete. 

Sports Relief


Today we ran a marathon!   Everyone in school helped by running their laps and together we ran a marathon to raise money for Sports Relief.

Summer Term

This term we are learning about animals.  We have recapped our knowledge of the 5 classifications of vertebrates - mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds - and been learning about the features of each classification.   We have had fun completing jigsaws of various animals, playing matching games, and tracing or drawing pictures of different animals.



This term we are very excited to have the Bikeability team with us on Friday mornings.  We are learning lots of skills on the balance bikes and having fun racing!