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Class 5 ------- Fantastic Frogs

Welcome to Class  5!


We are the Fantastic Frogs!


Our Teacher is Mrs Palmer and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Docksey.


Our first topic for the autumn term is called 'All about me' and we have lots of exciting things to look forward to!

We have been enjoying learning all about our senses in our topic this term.  So far we have learnt about the different parts of our eyes, about our sense of touch, and this week we learnt about smell.  We had to match the smells to a picture and discovered there are some smells we really don't like!


We are having great fun playing in our doctor's surgery making each other better, learning about our bodies and caring for the class baby!

We have been practicing our number skills during our first few weeks in year one.  We have been counting to 30 and back to zero, counting from numbers other than 0, ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest, finding one more and one less than a number, comparing amounts and counting in twos.  Mrs Palmer has been very impressed with all of us.



This week we have been learning about contractions.  This is where two words are joined together to make a new word with a few letters chopped out, and an apostrophe added in like glue to hold them together.  We found these words a bit tricky to start with but as you can see we managed to match lots of them after a bit of practice.

What a busy week we have had!


In English we have been busy learning about Hedgehogs.   We watched a film about the different things they do throughout the year, and we learnt that hedgehogs are great swimmers and climbers; about their preferred foods; where they like to sleep.  We discovered that hedgehogs are nocturnal (they sleep in the day and are awake at night) and that they hibernate (sleep) through winter.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed with how much we remembered from the film and fact sheets that we read.  We then created a non fiction booklet containing the information that we had learnt, and Mrs Palmer was so impressed  with out work that she put the whole class on the WOW Wall this week!


Have a look at some of our work below.

In Maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction. 


We did some investigating and discovered that addition is commutative - you can do it in any order and get the same answer.  We were then able to implement this skill and used it to solve addition sentences by counting on from the highest number.


Later in the week we learnt that subtraction is not commutative, instead it is important to work in the order that the number sentence is set out.  We practiced this skill in various ways.  We used counters to physically take away a small number from a larger number.  Then we practiced using pictures to help us to subtract by crossing out the number that we wanted to subtract.  Finally we learnt to use number-lines to count back.  We really impressed Mrs Palmer and Mrs Yates (who was paying us a quick visit) with our ability to use this skill.

Friday was a very busy day!  In the morning we had a special assembly with the team from Waste Less Save More.  CGINS has been selected as a special partner in this project and we learnt a little more today about not wasting perishable food.  We got to watch a special magic show, and some of us got to join in and help to do magic!

We finished the day with our harvest festival at church.  It was lovely to see so many of our grown-ups in the church and we hope that you enjoyed our songs, and celebrating with us.

It has been another busy week in Fantastic Frogs.


In Maths we have been  discovering that addition and subtraction are the opposite of each other.  Through our investigations we have discovered that addition always makes amounts larger and subtraction makes them smaller.  This week, we learnt how to take an addition sentence and reverse it to make a subtraction sentence, and vice-versa.   We found this a really tricky concept at the start of the week, but we kept on practicing and by Friday most of us had cracked it, and now we can find 4 number sentences for 3 related numbers. Mrs Palmer was very proud of us, and she assures us that this is a very good skill to have as we will be able to use it to check our work as we progress through school. 

In English we enjoyed an open morning on Tuesday when lots of our adults came in to join in with our guided reading and comprehension lesson.  On Thursday we completed our first piece of completely independent writing re-telling the Begu story. 
In PE this week we have been practicing our throwing and jumping skills.  On Wednesday we learnt to throw javelins, balls, beanbags and quoits at targets, and on Friday we used various pieces of equipment to learn about jumping safely. 
Autumn 2

We have had a busy week to start our new term.


In English we have written about our holiday adventures and begun to look at Fairy Tales.  We have learnt that Fairy Tales are a special type of story, that have good and bad characters, magic, and a problem to be solved.  We also learnt that they feature special language such as "Once upon a time..." and "... they all lived happily ever after."


We have been looking at the story of Cinderella this week, reading different versions of the story, sequencing pictures from it and describing the characters.   Ask us about the story to see how much we can remember!


In History we have learnt about the Gunpowder Plot.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed by how much we remembered about the story of Guy Fawkes and his plan to blow up The Houses of Parliament and to kill King Charles I.  We wrote some super sentences to describe the events, and created some lovely chalk drawings of fireworks exploding.


In Maths we have had a Geometry week.  We started the week looking at 2D shapes and impressed Mrs Palmer with our recall of the name of these shapes .  We then moved on to 3D shapes.  We found describing their properties a little tricky a there was lots of new vocabulary to learn such as faces, vertices, and edges, but we were able to name lots of the shapes and could find real life examples of them around us in school.


Towards the end of the week we looked at position, using vocabulary such as above, below, and next to, and learnt a  clever way to remember which is our left and right  hands.  On Friday we learnt about the vocabulary of direction, and guided our friends around the classroom using our new knowledge of quarter, half, three-quarter and whole turns and practicing our lefts and rights.  Some of us were even brave enough to close our eyes as we moved around!

In RE we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We learnt that it is a festival of light that celebrates the start of a new year, and heard all about the way Hindus celebrate.  We thought that lots of their celebrations sounded like things we do at Christmas time, which made us very excited for this special time of year that will soon be here.  We also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita that is linked to the Diwaali celebrations.


On Friday we had our WOW day to start our new topic about toys.  We all brought a favourite toy into school for the day, which we talked about, wrote about, drew and most importantly played with!  We had a lovely day sharing together, and we are looking forward to learning lots more about toys as the weeks go on.

We have had another busy week in class 5. 


In maths we have been learning about teen numbers.  We've thought about their place value (what the different digits stand for) and learnt, for example, that in the number 16 the 1 stands for the number of tens and the 6 for the ones.  We decided that this means teen numbers are quite tricky as their names make it sound like their digits should be in the opposite order -  for example we say fourteen but write it as 14 which looks like it should be said as teen-four! To help us become more familiar with these numbers we have undertaken lots of sequencing where we thought about the order that the numbers run in.  We've also done lots of counting and thought about what sort of strategies we can use to ensure we are accurate especially as we start to work with larger numbers. 


In English we have continued to think about fairy tales.  This week we completed our work with Cinderella by describing the setting for the story, and have begun reading Jack and the beanstalk.  We have thought about what happens  in this story and have decided that it is a fairy tale as it has good and bad characters, magic, a problem to solve, a happy ending  and it uses story language. We impressed Mrs Palmer with our super vocabulary  when we thought of words to described the giant (our bad character).  We thought that he was enormous, bald and ugly.  We think he is ugly because he is grumpy and unkind.  He was greedy and cruel as he had stolen Jack's family's money and this made him a despicable person!


During the afternoons we have been thinking lots about Armistice day.  We were shocked to learn how many people died in the 1st and 2nd world wars,  and to think about the ages of the men who died.  We learnt a little about Maurice Lea  who died at only 19 years old, and in who's memory the park in Church Gresley  was created.  We  learnt why we wear poppies - they were the first flowers to grow again after the 1st World War tore up the land in France and Belgium -  and we made our own poppy wreath to lay at our special assembly on Friday.  We did some super writing about how we remember those who fought for their country, and about Remembrance day, made paper and playdough poppies, and created pictures of poppies in various ways.

Reading Week


It has been another fun week for the Fantastic Frogs.


In English we completed our work based on Jack and the Beanstalk by innovating the story.  We created our own bad character, drew them and then described them with some fantastic adjectives.  Finally we all independently wrote a story called Zack and the Beanstalk which included our new characters. 


Later in the week we undertook activities related to the  series of books, about 'Old Bear and his friends', such as writing a new bedtime story for Little Bear, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


In maths we have been looking at what more and less mean, comparing amounts, counting in 2s and learning to count in 5s.  We also did some super problem solving using our number sequencing skills.


On Wednesday the school had a reading breakfast.  It was lovely to be able to share some books with our parents.

While the mums and dads had a reading workshop in the toasty hall we got to do PE outside!  It was most exciting, but a  little chilly!   We worked with our coach from Derby County to practice our travelling and balance skills.  Finally we created a routine in our groups and then demonstrated it to the rest of the class.
To complete our busy Wednesday we had a visit from Primary Books in the afternoon.  We learnt lots about the Aboriginal people of Australia, tried to play some traditional instruments (Harrison impressed everyone by getting the didgeridoo to make noise), and listened to a traditional story about dreamtime and how the famous Uluru (Ayres Rock) was created.  We then had the chance to look at and buy some super books.

On Friday we celebrated the end of reading week by having a  Reading Morning with lots of stories by Julia Donaldson.  We read lots of stories together including Sharing a Shell, Tiddler, The Smartest Giant in Town and Stickman. We also had fun sharing books from our class library with each other. We enjoyed completing various activities such as creating a bookmark, word-searches, creating our own fierce creatures, and new recipes for the Gruffalo to try. Mrs Palmer tells us that we will be working with more Julia Donaldson books after Christmas which we are very excited about as she is a great author.


To finish the day off we had Sparkle Time as a reward for our super behaviour and got to play with our friends which is always fun.

Week 4

This week we have been learning about the days of the week in English using the story Jasper's Beanstalk.  We thought about how to spell the day names and concluded that some of them are rather tricky! We all created a zig-zag booklet with pictures taken from the story and wrote a diary about Jasper's week to allow us to practice writing the day names.


In Maths we have been learning about doubling and halving.  We learnt that doubling means to add a number or amount to itself in order to make twice as much as we originally had.  After we had practiced this, and thoroughly impressed the adults with our super doubling skills, we began to look at halving.  We discovered that halving is the inverse (or opposite) of doubling.  It takes an amount and breaks it in to two equal parts, one of these parts is called a half. 

On Friday we had a special day as a part of our topic for this term.  We had a special visitor who had time-travelled to see us from Victorian times!  His name was Thomas Tophat, but we were allowed to call him Tommy.  He told us that he was a gentleman who collected toys, and that he had brought them to show us.  He talked to us about some of the toys he had brought with him and then we got to play with and explore the toys.  It was great fun!


We learnt that all of the toys were made of natural materials such as wood, tin, fabric or paper, as they did not have man-made materials such as plastic in Victorian toys.  We also discovered that all the toys we played with were push-pull toys that had to be operated manually as they did not have batteries or electricity to power them.   

During the morning we also got to play some traditional parlour games such as 20 questions, human knots, the minister's cat and Paddy's train which were all good fun. 


We  also got a chance to play with lots of traditional toys in the hall such as  skittles, skipping ropes, hoops, ball and cups, hobby horses, marbles, quoits, and ribbons and sticks.  We really enjoyed ourselves as did the adults.  Mrs Docksey proved that practice pays off when she managed to get the ball to land in the cup after lots of attempts, Mrs Palmer re-discovered her skipping skills and Miss Hall had lots of fun joining in with all of the activities. 

In the afternoon Tommy Tophat taught us how to make some traditional toys such ad flip books, a spinner and a thaumatrope.  We then went back to our classrooms and had great fun building these toys for  ourselves.  We would like to thank Harrison and Eli's mums for coming in to help with our craft work this afternoon, they certainly earned their cup of tea at the end of the day!

Week 5


As we move into December we are continuing to have lots of fun in Fantastic Frogs.  This week in maths we began a new unit looking at addition and subtraction.  We started the week working with Numicon to find number bonds to 10, and then to extend this wit bonds to 20.  Number bonds are 2 numbers that when added make a specific target number.  We used the Numicon to help us to see how many more we needed to add to the amount we already had.


Later in the week we explored other methods to support our about addition learning, such as using number lines, and using 10-frames with the 2-colour counters.

In English we have been learning about and re-telling the Dogger story about a little boy and his much loved cuddly toy Dogger who gets lost.  We read the story each day, sequenced pictures from the story and acted out scenes from it before completing an independent write to re-tel the story.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed with our stories, as many of us implemented the skills we have been learning about over the last term, and she said that our writing has really improved since September.

Week 6


This week, in maths, we continued with our unit about addition and subtraction. We remembered that subtraction is the opposite of addition, so it makes amounts smaller rather than larger.  We started the week using the base 10 blocks to physically take a smaller amount away from the original amount.  Then we moved on to counting back using a number line.  Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey were very impressed with how well we had remembered to use them.  We used the number lines to help us to count back in ones, and then how to partition 2 digit numbers and use the number line to subtract the 10 and then the ones so that we can accurately subtract 2 digit and larger amounts.  Finally we used all of the skills we have practiced over the last few weeks to solve missing number problems such as 17 - ? = 8.   Again we used our number lines to help us and really impressed the teachers with our fantastic maths skills.

In English we began to look at and write our own versions of the Christmas Nativity story.  We thought about how the different characters in the story would have felt at different points in the story and we wrote some super versions of the story.


We had our last PE session with the coaches from Derby County and enjoyed using all of the balancing and travelling skills that we have been learning and practicing over the term.


In the afternoons we have been starting to prepare for Christmas.  We are very excited about everything we have been doing, but we can't tell anyone about it as Santa' elves have sworn us to secrecy! 

We have had a fantastic final week to our term.  We performed our Year 1 nativity for all of our adults to watch and made our teachers very proud. We have completed lots of Christmas crafts and pictures which we hope you have enjoyed receiving along with our cards and calendars.  We went to church for our school carol service, and had our end of term celebration assembly.  To finish the week we have had our Christmas party, which included a visit from Santa himself!


We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you enjoy the holidays.

Spring Term 1


We have packed lots into our first two days back at school. 


On Thursday we spent some time thinking about all of the lovely toys and presents we received during the holidays.  We played a game where we practiced our listening skills by talking to our partner about what we'd received for Christmas.  When Mrs Palmer said the time was up, we had to tell everyone the best present that our partner had received. After this we decided to write some letters to Santa.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed with our wonderful letters, we hope you enjoy reading some of them too.

On Friday we had a WOW day to launch our new topic - Can a penguin live in the desert?   We learnt a little bit about each of the different areas of our topic in the different Year 1 classrooms.


In class 6 we learnt about the geography of the UK.  We looked at where in the world our country is situated, at the 4 countries that make up the UK and their various flags.  We then coloured our own versions of the flags, identified and labelled the 4 countries of the UK on maps, sorted pictures to identify whether they were of the UK or the rest of the world, and completed some jigsaws of the British Isles (although we were a little frustrated to find some of the pieces were missing!).

In class  5 we learnt about the polar regions.  We learnt that the Arctic is entirely made of ice, whereas Antarctica has land underneath it's snow.  We thought about the sort of clothes that we would need to wear in these places and then about how animals manage to live there without needing warm coats or a hat and gloves!  We learnt that polar bears are carnivores as there aren't many plants in the Arctic, they have thick fur coats to keep them warm, they are white to camouflage them against the snow, and that female polar bears dig a snow hole that they stay inside for 3 months when they have their cubs - brrrr!   We enjoyed creating our own polar bear faces using plates and cotton wool, making repeating patterns with penguins, playing with the polar animals in the tuff-spot, sorting and matching pictures on bricks, researching polar animals on the i-pads, and painting some fantastic pictures of polar animals.

We finished the day in  class 4 where we learnt about why we have different seasons in the UK and thought about the different types of weather that the world experiences.  We learnt that seasons are created by Earth's orbit around the sun, which takes 365 days, and tilts us towards the sun in the summer and away in the winter providing long and short days of sunlight and strength.  We created raindrop collages using weather words, painted pictures of trees in different seasons, coloured rainbows, made snowflake and researched weather pictures on the i-pads.  

We had a fantastic day together and are looking forward to learning more over the next term.  We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our day.

Week 2

We have had a fantastic start to our term during our first full week back at school.


We have been thinking about settings in English.  We have learnt what an adjective is and what it does (describes a noun which is a person, place or thing).  We have been working very hard all week to think of interesting ways of describing various settings for a story such as leafy forests, tumbling waterfalls, quiet caves, and snowy scenes.


In maths we have been learning about time.  We have learnt about the different hands on a clock and what their jobs are - the long hand tells us how many minutes have passed in an hour and the shorter hand tells us which hour we are working with.  We learnt that when the big hand points straight up at the 12 it means o'clock and that the smaller hand will be point straight at the  number for the hour that it is.   After this we learnt about half past.  We discovered that there are 60 minutes in an hour, and that once the minute hand has counted 30 minutes it will be pointing straight down at the 6, this is called half past.  Because the time has gone past the hour the small hand will have moved too and it will now be pointing between the current hour's number and the next hour's.  


Mrs Palmer was very impressed with our ability to read the time for both of these times, and to show times by moving the hands on our clocks.   We also practiced drawing the hands on some clock faces, which we found a little trickier a it can be hard to get the hands the right length, but we tried very hard and made great progress over the week.


At the end of the week we began to explore how to measure longer periods of time using days.  We learnt a song about the days of the week (ask us to sing it to you, but beware - it's catchy and you might not be able to stop singing it!), created a list of the days in the right order, and thought about what yesterday and tomorrow would be in relation to the different days.


In RE we have started to think about what it means to belong, and how this makes us feel.  This week we talked about our families and how they make us feel loved, happy and secure.  In topic we have been looking at the 7 continents and thinking about how they are different.


On Friday afternoon we enjoyed spending our sparkle time together as a reward for our super behaviour this week (we won the kindness cup!).  We used our problem solving skills to build marble runs, created imaginary worlds for some pirates and aliens, practiced our time telling skills with teh pay-dough, developed our fine motor skills through colouring and lego building, and used our geography skills to book holidays for each other in the travel agent's role play, but mostly we had lots of fun with our friends!

Week 3


We have been continuing our learning about time this week in Maths, concentrating on longer units of time such as months.  We have been learning what all of the months are called, the order they run in, and the seasons that we experience during each of the months. 

In English we have been working with Julia Donaldson's Stick Man story.  We have been sequencing the story events, thinking of adjectives to describe Stick Man and acting out the story in small groups.

In topic we have been continuing to explore geography learning about the equator and how its location relates to where hot and cold places are situated in the world.  We learnt about the compass points  (North South East and West) and used a mnemonic to help us remember their order Naughty Elelphants Squirt Water.  We used this knowledge to help us to direct the Beebots around a course.  We also learnt about colour mixing and used this knowledge to mix cool colours to paint a picture of a penguin.   We also used 2D shapes to create various shape penguins.

On Friday we had a special visitor who taught us about Sri Lanka and allowed us to explore lots of Sri Lankan objects and clothes.  We learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Week 4


This week in English we have been completing our work on Stick Man by imagining other adventures that he could have had.  We thought he might get used  for lots of things including a peg-leg for a pirate, as a fishing rod for a boy, as a wand for a wizard, or as cane for a tap-dancer.  We planned our stories, thinking about who Stick Man would meet, where he would go and what he would experience, and then on Thursday we did one of our big independent writes telling our stories all by ourselves using all of the fabulous literacy skills we have been developing over the year so far.  As ever, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey were very impressed with our wonderful work.


In Maths we have been looking at number again and place value.  We have been counting onwards and backwards using higher numbers and counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.  We have been partitioning 2-digit numbers into their tens and ones and thinking about the importance of getting these digits in the right order when we write numbers down, especially with the tricky teen numbers as their names are the opposite way to their digit numbers.


In topic we have been thinking about science this week by classifying animal by their characteristics as mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, or fish.  We have also been mixing warm colours this week to paint some beautiful parrots.


In PE we have been continuing with our unit on dance by creating some delicate, twirling, swirling snowflake dances, and our gymnastic unit where we have been practicing our pencil, tucked and teddy bear rolls.

Week 5


We have begun to learn about non-fiction texts this week in English.  We have learnt that non-fiction books contain facts and provide us with information about real things, whereas fiction books contain made-up stories.  We have looked at lots of non-fiction books to locate the special features that they contain such as a contents page, a glossary and an index page, and to find out some information about different animals.  We have also been learning about questions. We learnt that questions ask for information or a reply wheres as sentences provide information, and that when we write them they always end in a question mark. 


In maths we have been continuing to focus on place value. We have been working with the Dienes blocks and thinking about the different values of the digits in 2 digit numbers, and we learnt that the first digit represents tens and the second ones.  As the week went on we began to partition 2-digit numbers, which means to split them into their tens and ones, and we discovered that in a number such as 58 the 5 really means 50 and the 8 stands for 8 ones.  


In topic we have been thinking about seasons.  We learnt that in the UK we have different amounts of daylight in each season because of the way earth revolves around the sun.  Mrs Haynes and Mrs Palmer were very impressed by our knowledge about the different seasons and everything we have remembered from the things we have learnt over the term.  On Friday we joined the rest of year 1 to go on a walk to the park. We were looking for signs of winter and managed to find almost everything on our spotter sheets.  We saw both bare and evergreen trees, berries, holly, fallen brown leaves (and some still on a tree), pine-cones, birds, squirrels, and birds nests in the top of the tree branches.    We were very lucky to have such a sunny and mild morning, but it did mean that we didn't manage to find any frost or icy patches.  We would like to thank all of the parents that came along to walk with us and keep us safe.

Spring Term 2
We have had a great first week to the new term.  Our new topic is Sticks and Stones, in which we will be learning about materials and our local history.  We started this week by exploring and naming a range of materials.  We have also had a lot of fun in our new role play area - The Three Pigs Builders Yard!

In English we have been writing about the many exciting things that we did during the holidays, learning how to add the suffix 'ed' to verbs to transform them into the past tense, and re-telling the story of the Runaway Pancake in our own words.


In maths we have been focusing on measuring.  We have learnt the difference between height and length, compared objects and named them as long, short, or tall, and measured the using non-standard units such as cubes.

Whilst we were measuring with cubes we discovered that they were not always very easy or accurate to use.  Some cubes are a different size so we got different measurements using them for the same item.  We also found that it is very difficult to build a long enough line of blocks to measure large items accurately.  We therefore decided that we needed to find a more accurate method of measuring length and height.  


We looked at a metre-stick and discovered that it was a more accurate method of measuring as it uses standard (equally sized) units called centimetres.  After exploring it a little we decided that although a metre-sticks provide a more accurate way of measuring it wasn't very practical as it is a little to big for most things, so next we tried a ruler.  We discovered that this too used centimetres to measure but because it is smaller it was more practical to use.

On Fridays we have our R-Time lesson.  In these lessons we learn how to work together, to share and take turns, and we have fun!  This week we worked in pairs to build a ladder from playdoh, and then we thought about where we would go if we had a magic ladder.  As you can see from the photos we really enjoyed this week's task.

Week 2


It has been another fun week for the Frogs.  We have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills in Maths, and continuing our work on Traditional Tales in English.  We read the story of the Runaway Chapati and compared it to the Runaway Pancake that we read last week.  We found that there were similarities and differences between the stories, and were inspired to plan and write our own stories about runaway food.  Mrs Docksey and Mrs Palmer were very impressed with how creative our stories were - we really are becoming super-star writers smiley.


On Thursday it was World Book Day and we had lots of fun!  All of the children got dressed up in their book inspired costumes and we had a visit from The Cat in The Hat who read us their story!

We have been continuing to enjoy our PE lessons. On Wednesday we learnt how to do some steps for a traditional African dance which was great fun but rather tiring.  We found a new respect for the Maasai Warriors who visited school last year, as we found it very hard to keep jumping and dancing without getting out of breath!  On Friday we continued our gymnastics work by incorporating equipment into our sequences, it was great fun.

Week 3


We have been working with the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English this week.  We have learnt how to add the suffix 'ing' to a verb to describe an action, and written the beginning, middle and end of the story whilst adding more detail to the version we we were told by including adjectives.


In Maths we have learning about multiplication.  We learnt that multiplication is a way of counting lots of equally sized groups and that when we multiply a number we add it to itself repeatedly.  For example 2+2+2+2+2+2 is the same as saying 6x2.  We used our counting in 2s and 10s skills to help us to write and solve multiplication questions throughout the week.

On Monday we visited St George & St Mary's Church where we learnt about why baptism is important to Christians, and what happens during a baptism.  We even had our own mini baptism for our class baby - Bob!


We would like to thank Eli and Seb's mums, Mrs Burge and Mrs Wileman for coming with us so that the trip was possible.

In PE we have continued our dance unit by learning some steps to the Spanish Flamenco dance. We learnt that this is quite a controlled dance with lots of sweeping arm and leg movements.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed by some of the dances we created.

In Topic we have been continuing to learn about the history of pottery making in our local area.  We discovered that this week that the first flushing toilets were invented at Sharpes Pottery in Swadlincote, and that there are many cities around the world where the pipes that run underground were made in Gresley or Swadlincote.


We have been continuing to explore various materials and have been using some with different textured surfaces to print with this week to create some individual wrapping paper.  It was messy but good fun!

On Friday we continued to practice all that we learnt during the Autumn and Spring 1 terms by creating sequences of rolls, jumps and travelling movements.  We also got to experience the large wall frame equipment for the first time.  Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey were very proud of how sensible we were when using the frames, and how brave many of us were in trying to climb up when we found it a little scary initially.

Week 4


We have had another busy week in class 5.  On Tuesday we were joined by lots of our Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads for a maths morning.  We showed them some of our super maths skills and even got some of them to dance and count with us.  Then we had fun trying lots of different activities so that we could check if they had Marvelous Maths Brains like we do!  


In topic we have continued with our topic about materials by learning to distinguish between an object and the material it is made from.  We used different materials to build with and thought about why we use different materials for different purposes. We decided that because some materials are strong, some are waterproof, some are light etc they are better for different jobs. On Thursday we went on a chilly but fun materials hunt around school to find out how many objects we could find made from glass, fabric, wood, metal, plastic and paper.
In English we have continuing to work with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We shared our knowledge of the story's events with each other and thought about the different characters within the story by hot seating and creating questions for each character.   We then planned and wrote a new ending to the story, changing the events of the version we had been working with.

In Maths we have continued to learn about multiplication and focused on counting in 5s.

Week 5


This week we have been working with the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We read the story together, made masks for each of the characters and then acted the story out in our groups.


In maths we have been learning about division.  We learnt that the ÷ symbol means we need to share our total out into equal amounts.  So 15 ÷ 5 means we need to share 15 across 5 groups, and we need to be fair and give each group the same amount.


In topic we thought about the different properties of materials and impressed Mrs Palmer with our super vocabulary using words such as flexible, solid, stretchy, and opaque.   In PE we had great fun learning how to do a traditional Greek dance!


On Friday we welcomed lots of mums and grans into school for our mothers day event.  We sang them a song to let them know that even though they may not be perfect to the rest of the world they are perfect for us, and served them the cakes that we had decorated for them (although most of were lucky enough to get the cake back to eat ourselves!).  We hope you all have a fantastic day on Sunday!

Week 6


It's been another busy week.  We have learnt about half in maths.  We have learnt that to halve means to split a shape, number or amount into 2 equal pieces or groups.   We were able to use the skills we learnt last week to complete our tasks and had gotten very good at identifying halves by teh end of the week.


In English we continued working with the Three Little Pigs story and at the end of the week we produced some fantastic independent writing re-telling the stories.  Mrs Palmer was amazed by what fantastic writers we are turning into, most of us can now remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, and to write a beginning, middle and end to our stories, and some of us are including punctuation such as exclamation marks, adjectives and using the correct suffixes on verbs  to change them into the past tense.


In PE were learnt a street dance routine and had great fun creating our own dances too.  In topic we were conducting experiments to find the best material to make an umbrella for the three little pigs, so that they don't get wet whilst hiding from the Big Bad Wolf.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although we got a bit wet in the process, but we managed to keep our tests fair by controlling the amount of water used and how much time we left before making our observations.

Week 7


What a lovely end to the term we had!  We went to church on Tuesday with the rest of the school to celebrate Easter, it was lovely to hear everyone singing together.


In English we did some fantastic work re-telling the Easter story about the events of the last week of Jesus' life.  In Maths, we were learning to find 1/4 of shapes and amounts as a follow-up to our work last week on halves.  On Tuesday we also had our school egg decorating competition.  As you can see from the photos our class had lots of superb entries, and Lexie won the prize for the best egg from year 1!

In topic we completed our theme of Everyday Materials by looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who who creates environmental sculptures and art from natural materials.


Inspired by his work we spent an afternoon in the school's woodland area creating our own artwork.  We worked in groups to create art pieces using the natural materials we could find around us (plus a few bits and pieces from Mrs Palmer's treasure box!).  We think you will agree that we did a super job!  We also discovered some mini-beasts, a few fox holes and several stray footballs! 

Summer 1


Week 1


We have had a busy start to our last full term in year 1.  In maths we have been focusing on place value; putting numbers in to ascending and descending order, finding the missing number and finding one more and one less than a given number.   In English we have begun a unit about recounts.  We have begun to work with a new story about a boy called Toki who lives in the jungle.  It is a story without words so we have had to use our inference skills to find  out what is happening and how the characters feel.


On Thursday we went on a very cold spring walk to the park!  We saw lots of signs of spring; blossom, buds, new leaf growth and daffodils, and could hear lots of birds.  We would like to thank the adults who volunteered to come with us.



On Friday we had our first session with the Early Riders team and we all had a fun time learning to use the balance bikes.  We split into two teams and learnt how to walk with our bikes and how to move them by taking dinosaur steps. Then we had a race to see which team could complete the circuit the fastest - it was fun!  We are looking forward to our next session.

Week 2


Week 2 has brought May-day marvellousness to the Fantastic Frogs.  On Monday we all enjoyed some extra time with our families thanks to the Bank Holiday.  On Tuesday we joined in with the school's May Day celebrations.  We had a special assembly where the May king and queen were crowned, and each class performed a song or poem.  We recited the poem Daffodowndilly by A A Milne - why don't you ask me if I can say it to you too?


In the afternoon we joined in with the May Day procession with all of our beautifully decorated may poles.  It was lovely to see so many of our grown ups who had come to watch us.

In English, this week, we have continued to work with our story about Toki.  We have been thinking about how we can use adjectives to add detail to our writing, and how to vary the connectives we use to add interest and flow to our writing.


In Maths we have continued our work with place value thinking about the order that numbers run in, especially when we are counting back, and thinking about one more and one less, and ten more and ten less than given numbers.


In Topic we have learning about how to classify different animals and have begun to create some artwork in the style of Hayley Goodhead who is a local artist from Barton.

On Wednesday we joined with Nursery and the other year groups for ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) day.  This is a national initiative where schools across the country all undertake exercise at the same time. We had a fabulous time learning some new dances.

On Friday we had our second session with the early riders team.  This week we were learning how to make our bikes weave between the cones as well as having some races.  Outside we enjoyed some spring sunshine and practiced our ball skills.

Week 3 


We have continued to learn about recounts in English this week. We have been memorising a text so that we know what a 'good one' sounds like and beginning to plan what we want to write in our own recounts.


In Maths we have been recapping our learning about 2d and 3d shapes,and position and direction, and stretching our knowledge a little further.


In topic we have been thinking about the structure of animals and how their bodies are suited to their activities and lifestyles, and we have drawn and labelled pictures of animals.  We have also completed our paintings of zebras inspired by the work of Hayley Goodhead.   Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey were so impressed with our work they have created an art gallery in the corridor so that everyone can see our super work!


On Friday we had another session with the  Early Riders team.  It was raining this week so we didn't get to practice our ball skills outside, but we didn't let this stop us enjoying ourselves, we just took over the classroom instead and thought of new ways to practice instead!   In the hall, we got to practice all of the skills we have already learnt such as using big steps to move the bike, and how to weave between the cones, and then we learnt how to glide. We had to get the bike moving quite quickly and then lift both feet off the ground, keeping the bike balanced.  We were told that this is an essential skill if we want to be able to ride a real bike without using stabilisers.  

Week 4


This week, in English, we have completed our work on recounts.  We have written a diary as if we were Toki, a character in the story we have been working with, and have written about our trip to Twycross Zoo.


In Maths we have been learning about mass or weight.  We have been comparing items and using mathematical vocabulary such as light, lighter lightest and heavy, heavier, heaviest.  We have estimated the weight of objects and measured actual weights in non standard units such as cubes.  We even turned ourselves into human scales to show which of two items we though was heavy and light, or whether they were equal weights.

In RE we have been learning about the parables that Jesus told.  This week we learnt about the wise and the foolish men.  We listened to the story and talked about it's meaning.  Then we all acted the story out in pairs, there were some very dramatic house collapses for the foolish man!


On Tuesday we went to Twycross zoo as a part of our topic about animals.  We had a lovely day despite a few rain showers, and saw a lot of animals.  We were very fortunate that the zoo has had a lot of new additions to its family so we managed to see a baby gibbon, a baby orangatang, baby bonobos, and a baby gorilla - they were all very cute!  We also managed to see lots of lemurs up close as we walked through their enclosure as we managed to be very quiet!

On Friday we had our last session with the team from Early Riders where we managed to practice all the skills we have learnt by playing lots of fun games and races.  We have really enjoyed these sessions and look forward to practicing the skills we have learnt on our own bikes in the future.
Summer 2

Week 1


During our first week of this final term we have begun to plan a story in English. First we looked at pictures from the book The Queen's Hat and talked about what we could see happening. We talked about the various London landmarks that feature in the book, and had fun trying to spot the different characters in each picture. Mrs Palmer wouldn't tell us what the story was about so we had to use our super inference skills and create a story of our own.  Lots of us thought the baby in the pram might be Jesus!  Later in the week we read the story together and found out it was really Prince George, the Queen's great-grandson.  We have decided to write a story of our own using this book as a model, but our story will be about Mrs Cripps and will be set around our school.  

In Maths we have been learning about money.  We looked at the various coins and notes that make up our currency, worked out their values and put them in order.  We investigated different ways of making an amount and discovered, for example, that there are 11 different ways to make 10p!  We then used our addition skills to find out how much the sweet shop would need to charge for more than one item, and finally our subtraction skills to calculate how much change we would need to give.
In topic we have begun to learn about the Queen and her family.  We have been writing about what we would do if we were King or Queen for a day - Mrs Palmer was a little concerned though about how many of us want to chop people's heads off! - designing a new crown and building Buckingham Palace from Lego.  In science we are going to be learning about plants, so our role play is a garden centre this term and we have been having great fun buying and  selling gardening items and pretending to plant gardens around the classroom.

Week 2


This week we have continued to plan our stories about Mrs Cripps.  We started by creating a character description from the information we gathered when we interviewed her last week.  Then we spent some time learning about how to change verbs into the past-tense by adding a suffix, and chose which verbs best described the movements of the object we've planned for Mrs Cripps to lose.


In Maths we have been recapping and practicing how to double numbers.  Mrs Palmer was very impressed by how quickly some of us can do this!  Then we moved on to practice our addition skills, and to finding the missing numbers in sentences such as 6 + ? =13 (which we find quite easy) and 7 = ? +  4 (which we find much harder).


We focused on science in our topic lessons this week, by learning about plants. We learnt about their various parts and tried to draw some.  Mrs Haynes was very impressed with our artwork. 

On Friday we were joined by lots of dads and grandads for our Father's Day celebration.  We had a Lego themed morning with lots of challenges to build various items and create patterns, Lego themed games, and colouring activities.  It was lovely to see so many of our grown-ups and we think they enjoyed themselves - there were some amazing Lego creations and lots of smiles.

Week 3


We started our week with a walk to the park to look for signs of summer.  The weather was hot and sunny, so we finally managed to have a season appropriate walk!  We found lots of changes from our last walk - the trees we in full leaf, the plants have grown up and there were lots of flowers in bloom.  We could tell that there are lots of different trees in the park by the different leaves, whereas on our earlier walks we could only see bare branches and buds.  We hope you like our photographs, and would like to say a big thank-you to all of the adults who came with us.

In English we continued our work planning our stories about Mrs Cripps and spend some time learning about the un prefix and how it changes a word.  We learnt that it makes a word in to its opposite so happy becomes unhappy for example, but also that we can't add it to every word - the opposite of possible is not unpossible but impossible, English is tricky!


In maths we looked at subtraction, and how it is the inverse of addition.  We then used all of the skills we have, for subtraction and addition, to find 4 number sentences for 3 linked numbers.  For example from 12 5 and 17 we can make:

12 + 5 = 17

5 + 12 = 17

17 - 5 = 12

17 - 12 = 5


In topic we focussed on London.  We learnt about its various landmarks and thought about what we we like to see and do should we ever visit.  We did some super writing for Mrs Palmer, who now wishes we lived closer so that she could share some of our wonderful plans with us!

Week 4


This week, in English, we finished planning our stories about Mrs Cripps and then on Thursday we wrote our final versions.  Mrs Palmer was very proud of all our hard work and fabulous stories.


In maths we have been learning about division, which means sharing things out into equal groups.  Again we all worked very hard and impressed Mrs Docksey, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Cripps (who was visiting us) with our knowledge.

Week 5


This week is sports week!


On Monday we started the week by learning some basketball skills.  First we warmed up by running in various ways, then we learnt how to move the ball around our bodies by keeping our hands spread as wide as possible so that we didn't drop the ball.  It was great fun!


Later in the morning, we practiced our cricket skills by dribbling the ball and controlling it using a cricket bat.

On Tuesday we all had a fun morning visiting our new classes in year 2, and meeting our teachers.  Meanwhile Mrs Palmer and Mrs Docksey got to meet their new children for next year.


In the afternoon, we joined together with the other year 1 classes to have a sports afternoon.  We had great fun trying lots of different activities such as skipping, egg and spoon racing, football dribbling, the potato race, over and under, and cups and saucers. 

On Wednesday we used our counting skills to solve some maths problems and continued to practice performing our noisy story.  Please ask me if I can retell it to you.  If I get stuck there is a picture of the story map below that might help to prompt me.
Our sports week activity for the day was dance.  We really enjoyed this lesson.  We started by warming up and stretching and then we learnt our routine before performing it to half of the class.  Nikita and Diane chose Seb and Aaliyah as our best dancers and they got a sticker!  We hope you enjoy watching our performances.

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Thursday brought one of the favourite days in the calendar for the whole school, when we had a visit from Alex of Circusology.  We started the day with a whole school assembly - even the nursery children joined us!  Alex showed us lots of his magic circus tricks, and tried to ride his unicycle around the hall - he still hasn't learnt how to not fall off!

In English we thought about how to innovate our noisy story by changing the noisy things that Grandma give the children.  We had lots of great ideas to add to our plans.


In Maths we used our addition skills to investigate some problems, working in pairs to solve them.

This afternoon it was our turn to try our hand at joining the circus.  Alex demonstrated the various equipment - and Lexie helped him to be brave enough to use the big unicycle - and then it was our turn.  We span plates, swung ribbons, balanced feather on fingers, juggled and lots more.  It was fantastic!

On Friday, we finished off our week by writing our own versions of the noisy story.  Mrs Palmer was very proud of how hard we all worked, and the superb writing we did.  She says we have become superstar writers over the last year!


In maths we built staircases from cubes, solved problems and showed off our number bonds knowledge.


Then in the afternoon we had the school dance afternoon.  All of the classes and nursery joined together, with each class taking a turn at teaching the rest of the school a dance.  It was very warm, but we all had a great time dancing the afternoon away.