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Class 5 ------- Fantastic Frogs

Writing in Year 1

We have been planning and writing stories with a beginning, middle and an end. We need to remember capital letters, spaces, full stops and spellings. We try to extend our sentences with and, but or because. We have good posture and hold our pencils with the correct grip to make our handwriting its best. We like to listen to relaxing music as we write to help us to concentrate. After we have written our sentences, we read our writing back to check for mistakes and to make improvements.

Writing in Year 1

Mother's Day

Victorian Day

World Book Day fun

Measurement. What is longer, taller or shorter than 30cm?


5th March 2019

What a strange day! Year 1 children found a mysterious pile of straw, sticks and muddy footprints in the playground. It reminded us of a story we know. Can you guess? Over the next few weeks we are going to explore traditional tales. Then we're going to have a go at writing our own stories too.