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Class 5 Fantastic Frogs

Spring chicks!

World Book Day Vocabulary Parade

Exploring a cold weather theme

Making snowflakes

Last day of Autumn 2 Term

Class Party
Santa was fast asleep!
Wake up Santa!

Ready for our Year 1 Christmas Nativity!

2020 Calendars

We were inspired to design plates after our trip

Adding the finishing touches to our clay pots

Christmas Cards

A sneak peak at our Christmas cards.
We followed instructions.
We worked completely independently.
Each card is unique.
We proved we can make something all on our own.

Christmas in Class 5

We are learning about the first Christmas.
Jingles the Class 5 elf!
Looking for those following the Diamond Rules
Christmas Jumper Day!

Sorting and describing materials

Our Classroom

Reading Week

Our visit to Sharpe's Pottery Museum

A mysterious delivery. Who can it be from?

Class 5's Remberance Day Wreath

Exploring Diwali

Fabric Faces

Open Morning

Our Autumn Table

Exploring Part Whole Models

Guided Reading

Creating our own Fantastic Frogs