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Class 6 ------- Learning Lions

Welcome to the Learning Lions

Happy Father's Day! We had a lovely time with our special visitors. We made things using Lego and evaluated what we had made. We thought about what worked and what we would do differently next time. There were other Lego based activities too. We made our lots of things for Father's day.  Hopefully you like them.smiley 

We learnt lots of information about the Queen; ask me if I can tell you some of the things I learnt. We became artists, drawing  and painting the Queen's portrait and some landmarks in London, like Big Ben. For the party, we made red, white and blue place mats, by weaving paper. We ate our cake, that we had decorated, on our mats and had a drink. We were very well behaved at the street party and showed off our dancing skills.

It was Mrs Wileman's birthday on Sunday so we sung happy birthday to her. At the end of the party, Mrs Mansell let the 90th birthday balloon go up into the sky!  

We had a fantastic day at the zoo smiley. We were very well behaved no. Lots of the animals that we have been learning about were there. We looked to see how they moved and what they ate. Then we decided if they were a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.


We have learnt how to do tuck, pencil and teddy bear rolls and we have loved using the apparatus to practise what we have learnt.
We went on our Spring walk to the park today.It didn't feel much like Spring though, brrr! There were a few signs of Spring. We saw daffodils, bluebells, daisies and dandellions. There were some shoots growing. We spotted buds and leaves growing on some of the trees. One tree was full of beautiful blossom. We enjoyed our walk  smiley
Today was 'Wow' day. We learnt about big cats in our classroom and then birds in Mrs Stothert's room. In the afternoon we found out about amphibians in Mrs Palmer's class. We had fun making, painting, colouring, writing, researching and building. Ask me what I know about the animals we learnt about.
Look at our role play. We watched a short animated film and then acted out a scene from it. We thought about how the different characters were feeling throughout the story. We used some fantastic words like 'disappointed', 'delighted' and 'frustrated'.

We were very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Knight. Good luck in your new school. We will write to you!

In the last week of the Spring Term we had a great time with the 'Bike Ability' people. We played team games and rode on balance bikes. We improved each day!

We walked one mile to raise money for Sport Relief. We had fun and as a school we raised an amazing amount of money. So well done and thank you! no

We sang to our visitors for our 'Mother's Day' celebration. We decorated a cake for them and we really enjoyed it when they read to us smiley.
As part of our topic on materials we carried out a Science Investigation. We predicted which material would make the best house for the three little pigs. We worked together to make a house and the we tried to blow it down, like the wolf. We then evaluated our houses. Which of the houses do you think blew down? 
World Book Day 2016. We had a lovely time reading and making our own books and a bookmark. We wrote a book review for the book we brought in.
We visited St. George and St. Mary's Church. We met Reverend Judy and she told us about the real St. George and St. Mary. We gathered around the font and she showed us what happens at a Baptism. We had a look around the Church and found the things that you will have seen on our homework sheet. We were very interested and asked some good questions. 
We have been learning about the Potteries in Church Gresley and the things they used to make. We used clay to make our own pots . We are excited to paint them and bring them home to show you. 
We went on a Winter walk to the park. We were all very well behavedsmiley. It wasn't very wintery but we compared the park to how it looked on our Autumn walk. Lots of the trees were bare and the coloured leaves of Autumn had gone. There was a cold wind and we wore our coats, hats and gloves. We heard and saw seagulls and pigeons. We spotted the bird's nests in the trees.  
We are learning about Baptism. Some children shared their Baptism and baby things. It was really nice to look at the special things that we brought in.

We had a WOW day today. ln Class 6 we learnt about the Countries in the United Kingdom. In Class 4 we learnt about the 4 seasons and different weather.  We found out about animals that live in the Artic in Class 5. We had great fun trying lots of different activities and learnt a lot of new information. Please ask me what I can remember.  

We wish you a very merry christmas from the Learning Lions. We had fun in our last few days and we even had a very special visitor! smiley

On Thursday 5th November Fiona and Becky from the school health team came to talk to us. We talked about why our hands are important and that we need to look after them. The most important thing we need to do is wash them properly. It takes longer than you think! It should take the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Please ask me to show you how to do it properly. We used a special gel that lit up the germs on our hands. When we washed them properly though the germs had disappeared smiley. 

Today we went for a walk in the Maurice Lea Memorial Park to look for signs of Autumn.

Look at our photos to see some signs of Autumn.

We were busy in Transition week.

Phonics is very important.

We enjoyed this Maths game. We had to ask our friends some questions to work out what our number was, for example, Am  I more than 10? Do I come inbetween 20 and 30?

In Science, we have been learning about ourselves and our senses. We used our sense of taste to try different foods. We decided if we liked it or not and used words to describe how it tasted e.g. sour or salty.
In Literacy, we matched lower case letters to the upper case letters.
We acted out the 'Good Samaritan' story. Ask me if I can tell you the story.

We love using the instruments.

We  worked together to make a delicious chocolate biscuit cake for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Yum yum!