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Class 6 ------- Learning Lions

It was sports week this week.

We had a fantastic time doing lots of different activities. 

Circusology assembly

We were fantastic in the dance afternoon. We danced to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it off'.

We learnt about London landmarks. In D&T we designed, made and evaluated our own model of a London landmark. 

They are AMAZING!

This week it is 'Cultural Week'.

In Year One we are learning about Australia.

We had an artist in our classroom on Monday. She taught us how to make 'Aboriginal style' dot paintings. 

We have learnt lots of information about Australia.

Ask me what I know.

We have enjoyed many different activities this week.

We loved the Bhangra dancing assembly!

In R.E. we learnt the 'Loaves and the Fishes' miracle story. We made a cartoon to retell the story.
We have started to make our London landmark buildings. Thank you so much for the boxes and pots, etc that you sent in.

We had a great time when our visitors came!

We learnt how Muslims celebrate Eid.

Eid comes at the end of Ramadan.

Miss Kalique taught us about the Islamic fasting month called Ramadan. She told us that she can only eat and drink when it is dark. Muslims do this for one month. They think about the people around the world who do not have food and clean water. They give money to help those people. 

Miss Kalique showed us the Koran. Ask me if I can remember what is special about the way the Koran is read.

In the classroom, we then made a poster to show what we had learnt about Ramadan.

We all looked amazing for our party to celebrate the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. We made crowns and flags and decorated cakes.

We had our cakes at the tea party, a drink and an ice pop, then we had a dance.

It was great fun. We loved waving our flags.

Megan Markle even paid us a visit! 

Today was 'Outdoor Learning day'. We went on our Spring walk and then this afternoon we read some books outside. We had a lovely time.
We went on our Spring walk today. It was lovely to see the leaves back on the trees and the blossom. We enjoyed exploring and listening to the birds singing.
We made animal print pictures and we have been looking closely at photographs of animals and colouring them in carefully. Look at our fanatastic work!

Look at our amazing art work inspired by Hayley Goodhead.

In R.E. we learnt another parable. The parable of the 'Rich Fool'. We thought about the things that we really need and those things that we just want. We worked in small groups to decide on what we need and what we want. 

We had our last 'Bike ability' session. We were let loose to glide around the hall! We played fun games.

We also enjoyed using the tennis bats and balls.

In Art, we made animal prints using paint or oil pastels and charcoal. We have continued to carefully colour in animal sheets by looking at the photographs to help. We have made more art work inspired by Hayley Goodhead.
When half of the class are on the bikes in 'Bike-ability' the other half of us have fun in Fundamentals.
In Music we loved exploring the instruments.
In Religious Education we are learning about the special stories that Jesus told (parables). We acted out 'The Good Samaritan' story.

In Sparkle time we had great fun dressing up!

Bike-ability week two! We worked on gliding this week.

We have been learning about the local artist Hayley Goodhead. This week we put the colour onto our zebra pictures.We love her art work and have been inspired by her.

We have also been making animal print pictures, using pastels and charcoal, and colouring in animal pictures. 

Bella read to the class at story time today. Well done Bella!

We started 'Bike-ability' today. We were amazing and loved it!

We love the new library!

"It is like a woodland wonderland". We all chose a book to bring home and read.

We can change it every Friday morning.

In English we are working on 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. We have really enjoyed this funny book. We acted out what it would be like to wash a woolly mammoth, and thought about what problems we might encounter. We listed all the things we might need to carry out this difficult task. This week we have learnt about instruction writing, ready to write our own instructions on how to was a woolly mammoth.





In Maths, we worked together in small groups to solve a problem. We thought about A.P.E. to help us. Answer it, Prove it, Explain it. We did very well!
In R.E. we are learning about stories that Jesus told (parables). This week we worked in small groups to put a jigsaw together. We had to discuss what we could see in the picture. The parable was 'The Lost Coin'. Ask me if I can retell it to you and if I can remember what it means.

Sports Relief Day

We ran a marathon between us!

In the afternoon, we had lots of fun sports activities. 

Happy Mothering Sunday!

We worked very hard on your cards, pictures and cakes.

We really enjoyed your visit on Friday.

We hope that you have had a lovely day.

World Book Day: take two!

We found clumps of dark black hair this week in our classroom. We went on a hunt for who or what had left it and found a trail of more hair outside. Someone spotted a very large footprint!

We investigated further and found the Lonely Beast hiding behind the shed.

Chinese New Year

On Thursday 15th of February it was Chinese New Year. We learnt about how people all over the world celebrate.

We enjoyed making Chinese New Year art.

Place Value

We worked with our partners to work out how many tens and how many ones there are in two digit numbers. For example, 23 has 2 tens and three ones.

We looked at two digit numbers that can be confusing like 12 and 21.

This week we shared our Baptism and baby things. We really enjoyed looking at each other's photographs, toys and mementos.

We have had another busy week this week!

We went on our Winter walk on Friday. We saw holly, ivy and berries. We saw a Robin and other birds. We looked at the difference between the evergreen trees and the bare trees. There wasn't any frost though! 

Thank you to the adults that helped us.

  We learnt about Vincent van Gogh this week and looked at some of his

paintings. We then used watercolour paints, oil pastels and felt tips to colour a copy  of his 'Starry Night' picture.

They look great!

We had a visitor this week. She talked to us about Road Safety.

She was very impressed with our knowledge!

Our book area has had a make over this week. We now have a reading den!

We love taking our shoes off, getting a blanket and a torch. We then snuggle up with a cuddly lion to read.

When we have read the books of the week we write our comments and recommendations on post-it notes and stick them up for everyone.

We have learnt that reading is FUN!

We also love our new 'Funky Fingers' area. We have got lots of different things in there to work on our fine motor skills.
With our Derby County coach this week we practised our gymnastic animal moves and then worked on our throwing and catching.
In Art, we continued to look at warm and cold colours. We used water colour paints to paint a tropical parrot with warm colours and a penguin in cold colours. We did a super job!.

We have enjoyed our PE this week. In our Dance lesson we thought about spiky, icy shapes and how snowflakes move.

Derby County coaches worked on our travelling skills. We moved like different animals and had fun races.

In Art this week we learnt that mixing primary colours makes secondary colours.

We then looked at warm and cold colours. We used watercolour paints, oil pastels and coloured pencils to colour the sun with warm colours and the moon using cold colours.

Happy new Year!


We had a WOW day on Friday 5th January. We moved around the three Year One classes. In Learning Lions we learnt about the countries in the United Kingdom and their flags. The animals that live in the Arctic, was our focus in the Fantastic Frogs. Then we looked at weather and seasons in the Marvellous Monkeys. We had a great time and made lots of different things.

Mrs Mansell and Mrs Cripps surprised us all with a challenge day!

We worked in our classes to design what the new Library could look like and what resources we wanted in it. We had some fantastic ideas and worked well together. Then every class reported back in a school assembly.

We enjoyed the Reading morning and had a visit from Primary Books.

This year we learnt about the Caribbean.

We have been very busy since we started in the

Learning Lions!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape.

We have had a go at addition and subtraction and done some work on place value. We have looked at what the digits in the numbers mean. For example, 14 is one ten and four ones and it is very different to 41.

We explored what Maths meant to us using Smarties and yes we did eat them afterwards!

In Religious Education we have been learning about celebrations. We wrote about a celebration that was special to us. We found out what Hindus do to celebrate Diwali.

We made Diva lamps out of play dough and coloured Rangoli patterns. We drew Mendhi patterns and learnt the Rama and Sita story.

In R.E. we have also been learning about Christian festivals. We worked together in groups to sort out the pictures for Harvest and Easter. We are definitely looking forward to Christmas!

In P.E. we are lucky to have Derby County coaches coming in to teach us Gymnastics.

We have also worked on our jumping skills and in Games we are practising our ball skills.

In Art we are learning about primary colours. We made pictures like Piet Mondrian.

We have also made fireworks pictures by blowing through a straw to move the paint on our paper. We used paint and collage to make a child for the Universal Children's Day display.

In computing, we have learnt about the keyboard and the mouse. Now we are using Espresso coding to design and run our own programs.

We love it when we get to use the instruments in Music smiley

Our favourite time of the week though is always Sparkle Time on a Friday!

On 'Children in Need' day we thought about those children who need help for different reasons.

We also learnt about Universal Children's Day (November 20th). We talked about the rights of all children to have clean water, nutritious food, an education, etc. We sorted pictures into what we need and what we want. It made us think about how lucky we are! Especially at this time of the year.

'Tommy Top Hat' came to visit us for our Toy Wow day.

We loved using the old toys and learning about what they were made from and how they worked.

We looked at different toys and talked about the materials they were made from.

We went on an Autumn walk and spotted lots of signs of Autumn.

We really enjoyed the Literacy Open Morning. We had fun with our visitors.

Macmillan coffee morning. We hope that you liked your tiffin.

We were very sad when Mrs Dancer left! 

We made her a card to say goodbye and wrote her name on the rainbow-she is still there!