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Class 6 ------- Learning Lions

Welcome to Class 6!


We are the Learning Lions!


Our Teachers are Mrs Hackett and Mrs Shaw.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Dancer and Miss Hall.



We had a great time in Sports week!

One of our favourite things was when Alex came for Circusology.

He was very funny and we really enjoyed his workshop where we could have a go ourselves.

We worked together to make up our own dance to  Pharrell William's song 'Happy'. We performed it to the whole school.

We had lots of male visitors today for our Design and Technology morning. We made models using Lego and then evaluated what we had made. We made our dads and grandads out of dolly pegs and much more!

Have a good weekend dads, step-dads, grandads, uncles, etc.

Happy Father's Day!

We had a fantastic day at Twycross Zoo. We were very well behaved and enjoyed exploring and seeing many different animals. We learnt about where they were from, what they eat and if they are endangered. We especially liked the baby monkeys, the monkey who put his face on the glass,the zebras and  the large tortoises. 

Bike -Ability week 2.

We went in and out of the cones this week and had races.

We are getting so confident!

Outside with Milly, we worked on our ball skills. We had great fun.


Our topic this term is animals. We classified animals like Scientists do.

Ask me to tell you about Reptiles, Mammals, Amphibians, Fish and Birds. 

This term we are having Bike-Ability and Fundamentals every Friday, in our PE session. We had a great time! 
We went on our Spring walk. It was cold and rainy but we saw lots of signs of Spring. It was beautiful.As always, on our walks, we were very well behaved. Thank you to the parents that helped us!
We went into the wooded area, in our school grounds. We thoroughly enjoyed collecting natural materials and we made them into works of art. We were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We had a brilliant time and our art work is fantastic!
This week we acted out the 'Three Little Pigs' story. We were brilliant!
We used words to describe different materials this week. We matched vocabulary cards to the materials. 
We had lots of fun at the Maths Open Morning. We enjoyed showing our visitors what we have been learning in school.

We loved using the large apparatus!!

We have been developing our sequences using rolls, body shapes and jumps.

We looked fantastic on World Book Day! We showed everyone our costumes and talked about who we were. We shared some of the books that we brought in to school. It was great to do lots of activities like a reading hunt, make book marks, make our own books, write a book review, etc.


In Gymnastics we have been using the apparatus to develop sequences using the rolls and shapes that we have learnt. We had great fun!
We started our new topic 'Materials' this week. We looked at different materials and labelled them. We looked around the classroom to see if we could work out what things were made out of.
In Maths, we learnt how to measure length and height. We compared objects and decided which one was the tallest, shortest or longest. We measured using cubes, metre sticks and 30cm rulers. We had fun measuring inside and outside of the classroom.
On Friday afternoons, we enjoy R-time. We have to work in pairs. The 'sorting hat' decides who we will work with. We have to listen to each other and take turns. This week we had to work together to make a ladder out of play doh. Most of us worked very nicely together.smiley 
We learnt about non-fiction (information) books. Ask me what the Contents, Index and Glossary pages are for. We worked in small groups and researched different animals. Then we were authors and made our own non-fiction books. Mrs Cripps came to read them. She was amazed and learnt a lot of information that she didn't know! She gave us all a special sticker each.
In Gymnastics (Fundamentals) we learnt how to perform a tucked, pencil and teddy bear roll. The teddy bear roll was the most tricky. We will carry on developing our rolls in Spring 2.
In Maths we used place value cards to make 2 digit numbers. For example, 25 is 2 tens and 5 ones.
On January 20th Linda Rose visited the school. She took the assembly and then the Year One classes had a workshop with her. Linda regularly goes to Sri Lanka and helps children there. She brought in a range of artefacts, photographs, toys, etc for us to explore. We even got to dress up! After Linda's visit we wrote letters and drew pictures for her to take to the children in Sri Lanka. 

We had another very busy week!

On Friday we had our toy visit. Tommy Top Hat brought lots of Victorian toys for us to play with and talk about. We thought about the materials they were made out of and how they moved. In the afternoon we made three different things. A 'whizzer', a flip book and a bird in the cage illusion toy (thaumatrope) .


First we played parlour games in our classroom. We all had to look sad and then one child has a smile that they 'peeled off' and threw to another child to' wear'. Then we stood in a circle with a ring on a string. We had to pass it around the circle behind our backs and the child in the middle had to guess who had got the ring. Finally, we played 'The Minister's cat'. We had to say "The Minister's Cat is a ....... cat". We took it in turns to think of decsribing words (adjectives) for the cat. They all began with S. We had some fantastic ones like suspicious, sleepy, silky, spiky, squashy, etc. 
Next, we went into Class 4 and met Tommy Top Hat. We talked about the toys and had a great time exploring them all.
The next stop was the Hall for marbles, whip and tops, hoops and sticks, skipping ropes, hoopla, etc. It was great fun!
We just had time to look at some of Mrs Hackett's and Mrs Haynes' old toys before lunch.
After lunch we went back to see Tommy Top Hat to learn how to make our toys. Back in our classroom we worked hard to make the toys to take home. Thank you to the parents who helped us!
In PE, Megan warmed us up with 'Balance Tag' this week and then we worked more on holding our balances and balancing using apparatus.
In Maths this week we learnt about doubling and halving. We used counters to help us. We found out that doubling means to make twice (or two times) as much of something. To double a number you can add it to itself. Halving is the opposite of doubling. Halving makes amounts smaller by splitting an amount into two equal groups. 
In ICT this week we made our own apps. We chose the background and characters and then made them move!
We thought about friends this week and what to do if we have problems on the play ground or in school. We drew around one of our hands and then wrote a name on each finger of someone we could ask for help if we needed it in school and out of school. We had good ideas of who we could get help from.
Mrs Parr is the Governor for our class. She visited us on Thursday afternoon for our Guided Reading time. She really enjoyed meeting us all.
It was 'Reading Week' this week. On Wednesday afternoon we went into the Hall and met the Primary Books people. This year the country was Australia. We sang an aboriginal song with them. A few of us got to play instruments to accompany the song. The man played the Didgeridoo for us. It made us laugh. The lady told us an Australian story. We joined in with it very nicely.

In the classroom, we were authors and wrote our own bedtime story book for Little Bear from the 'Old Bear' stories.

On Friday morning we had a lovely relaxing time. We shared Julia Donaldson books and when we went to the Library to change our books Mrs Dancer read a poetry book to us.

We shared books with our friends, made our favourite characters out of play dough or drew them on the computer. Can you guess who they are?

We made a bookmark so we can use it when we read at home. 

We completed 'Gruffalo' or 'Room on the Broom' word searches. We designed our own terrible creature or wrote the ingredients for a magic spell.

We found the rhyming words in 'Room on the Broom' and some of us chose to play a rhyming game as one of our activities. Some of us tested our friends to see how many words they could read. It was a lovely morning.

This week in PE we did our warm up outside. We used the ways of travelling that we have learned. We moved as elephants this week which was new. Inside the hall we worked in small groups to practise balancing on 1,2,3, or 4 parts of our bodies. We took it in turns to show the class what we could do.

In Maths this week we worked with a partner to solve a problem. We had to use our knowledge of the sequence of numbers to solve it. It was tricky but some of us managed to do it. 

We also did lots of counting in 2s and 5s. Please help me to practise at home.

We learnt all about Remembrance Day this week and why we wear poppies. Ask me what I can remember! We had a special assembly and were quiet for a two minute silence. Minnie and Thomas carried the wreath that we had made to the front of the hall. In Sparkle Time some of us made poppies.
In PE we had Megan from Derby County again. This week we showed her our jumping skills. She was very impressed! She said that we were much better than other Year One children she has seen in different schools. We had a good technique for landing. 

In Maths this week we practised careful counting. We moved the counters into a line as we counted to make sure that we only counted them once. we looked at 'teen' numbers. They can be tricky when we try to write them because it sounds like we should write the four first in fourteen, for example. We also worked out what is one more and one less than a number to 20. 

Our new topic this term is Toys. We had our WOW day on Friday. We brought our favourite toys to school. We told everyone about our toy and then wrote a description of them. We used adjectives to describe what they looked like and how they moved.

We made observational drawings of our toys by looking very closely as we drew.

In Sparkle Time we played with our toys. It was a really fun day and a good introduction to our topic. 

We learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu new year and a festival of light. We explored some of the ways they celebrate and learnt the story of Rama and Sita. 
In PE we had a Derby County coach. She will be teaching us Funtastics-'gymnastics' for this half-term. We had great fun! We were moving in different ways. Ask me if I can remember how I moved. We played relay races too.
In Maths we learnt about 2D and 3D shape, position and direction. We directed our partner around the classroom using language like forwards, sideways, half-turn, full-turn, quarter turn, etc.