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Class 6 --------- Learning Lions

Mrs Knight, Mrs Hackett, Mrs Wileman and the Learning Lions.

We arrived at school one day to find this....

We have been reading  and writing stories about aliens. We have designed our own alien and made a sliding picture of our spaceship zooming through the sky!

We photographed our aliens doing things around the school and then we wrote about what they did on their travels.

We have been learning about our senses in Science. We tried to guess what was in the pots by using our sense of smell.

Macmillan Cake Sale
We enjoyed playing a time game.

We had fun measuring. We found things that were longer or shorter than our metre sticks.

Literacy Open Morning 14th October 2014



We have learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Mrs Dancer cooked Mattar Paneer for us (a vegetable and cheese dish). We ate it with Pulao rice and peas . Most of us were brave and tried it! 



We also had fun learning an Indian dance.




Class 6 went to visit Sharpe's Pottery in Swadlincote.

We walked there with Mrs Hackett.

We found out that the first rim flushing toilets were made in Swadlincote at Sharpe's Pottery.

We enjoyed the end of the Autumn Term. We had a chance to choose activities and work with our friends. We are very creative and worked well together.


Look at us all dressed up for party day. We had games, dancing and food at our party. We also had a very special visitor!!



On Wednesday 7th January we had a WOW day.

It began our topic  Ice Age.

We moved around the classes and did lots of creative things. We painted snowflakes, polar bears and penguins. We made snowmen using play dough and split pin penguins. We explored what happened when we mixed ice cubes and cornflour. Our chalk drawings of a winter scene were very good and our collages too.

Did you see our snowflake icing on our biscuit or did it disappear too quickly?! One of our favourite things was watching some of an Ice Age film, eating popcorn. 

Our teachers spoilt us and we had a fantastic day to start our learning for this topic.

On Wednesday 21st we visited St. George and St. Mary's Church. Reverend Mike was very nice. He talked to us about the things we could see in the church and about what Christians do in the community. We listened well and answered his questions. It was good exploring the church. Reverend Mike gave us a booklet to draw and write  about what we saw and remembered. We went into the church hall to complete it.

Every Friday we celebrate those children who have been reading at home and have earned a certificate and a badge.

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

We learned about Chinese New Year today. We were very interested in finding out about this festival. We looked at China on the map and learned the Chinese New Year story.We saw how some Chinese children celebrated. We looked at some Chinese writing and numbers.

We watched a clip about children in China at their school. It was very different to our school.They have 4000 children in their school!
20th February was our Toy 'Wow' day. We loved bringing our toys to school.
We planted bean seeds. We are excited to see what happens.

On Thursday 26th of February we went on a school trip to the Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall. We had a fantastic time and learned about old toys. We saw a ball that was from 1000BC !! There was a doll that was from 600BC.

We found out about toys that wound up and toys you had to pull or push. It was interesting to see what children played with when they didn't have toys, e.g. sticks and stones. We saw how games progressed from using stones to jacks or marbles.

We really enjoyed playing with the different toys. Our favourite part was climbing up the chimney....oh yes, and having lunch!

We enjoyed World Book Day. It was great fun wearing our tails and doing lots of activities linked to our books and reading.

We were very excited about our Mothers, Grandmothers and Aunties coming in. We made some special things for our lovely mums. We hope that you all have a lovely Mothering Sunday.

We have been very busy this term. Here are just a few things that we have done.

On Friday 27th March we had fun with Bike-Ability. We used balance bikes with no pedals. As the morning went on, we got really good. We learnt how to make 'dinosaur steps' and  'glide'.

Inside, we had fun imagining we were on an adventure and we practised our balance.

We had a special afternoon on Thursday 4th June. Linda Rose spent the afternoon with all of Year One in the hall. She has been going to Sri Lanka for many years. She showed us photographs from her visits and talked to us about Sri Lanka. She played some circle games with us that she plays with the children there. We were allowed to look at and touch the things that she has brought back. At the end some of us got dressed up in the outfits she had brought and acted out some events that had happened in Sri Lanka's history. We were really interested.
We had a busy week because on Friday 5th June it was the first ever BBC Music Day. To celebrate this we went to Pennine Way Academy and had a music lesson with Miss Rose and a class of Year 3 children. We moved to some different types of music. Next, we listened to 'Storm' by Benjamin Britten. We worked in groups with the Year 3 children and drew what we could 'see' when we listened to the music. Finally, we shared our work with the rest of the children. We had a great time.

In Numeracy, we did some work on shape. We had learnt some of the landmarks of London when we read 'The Queen's Hat' by Steve Antony. We made pictures of the landmarks using 2D shapes. Can you tell what they are?

Look at the pop-up animal puppets we made in D&T. We are proud of our puppets!
It was Design and Technology day today. Our dads and grandads came to visit us this morning for Father's Day too. They were very helpful. We worked together to make a box. We designed  a tie for them to wear and they did one for us. Later, we made something special and yummy for inside their box. We hope you enjoy it! Thank you very much for coming to see us. We had a great time with you smiley.

This week is Sports Week.

We have done lots of different activities.

Take a look at how sporty we have been!

Monday - Multiskills. The rain came down and we had to do it indoors! It was still fun though. :)

Tuesday - Year One Sports afternoon - we managed to fit this in between the showers! We did lots of different races and had a great time!

Wednesday - Hockey

Alex came and showed us his circus skills. Then we had a go. What fun!!