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Class 8 ------- Perfect Penguins

Welcome to Class 8 - Perfect Penguins!


We are very excited to start learning new things in Year 2.  Our teacher is Miss Asquith.  Mrs Elks and Mrs Robey also help us in our class. 



Autumn 1

Our first topic is called Me, Myself and I. We will be learning lots of things about ourselves and how we can stay healthy.




We had a brilliant time at our spa day.  We made healthy fruit and savoury kebabs; had a face mask and enjoyed some relaxation time; did yoga and tai chi; relaxed with our feet in a foot spa; did some exercise and even had our nails painted! Here we are doing some of the activities...

Amazing Maths!


This term we have done some amazing maths.  We have been learning about place value including how many tens and ones are in 2 digit numbers and we have practised making these numbers in lots of different ways.

We also learned about 2D shapes.  We practise naming them and describing their properties using mathematical vocabulary.  Did you know that the word vertices means corners?

Autumn 2


Our new topic for this half term is CHOCOLATE!! We are very excited about this one...

What maths can you do with a tube of smarties?


This was the question Miss Asquith asked us on the first day back after half term.  We decided that we could do lots of maths with our smarties - we sorted them, made graphs, added and subtracted them, divided by putting them into groups, made shapes, measured with them and even wrote our own word problems!

Music Workshop


In week 2 we were very lucky to have a visit from Kathy and Brendan.  We all took part in a music workshop where we created adverts for chocolate bars using musical instruments.  It was great fun!

3D shapes


In maths we learned all about 3D shapes and their properties.  We investigated making our own 3D shapes using card and 2D shapes, polydron, multilink cubes and art straws.

Our trip to Cadbury World


On Monday 17th November we went on a trip to Cadbury World.  We had an amazing day finding out about the history of chocolate, learning how Cadbury's started, discovering how chocolate bars are made, tasting chocolate and even writing our names with it! Here we are enjoying our day out...



In reading week we had a visit from a real author! Wes Magee has written loads of children's books and poetry.  He taught us some simple poems with actions and helped us to write a class poem of our own. 

We also had our annual visit from Primary Books.  This year the theme was Africa and we heard a lovely African story, learned some songs and looked at some tradition African clothes.  



For our Christmas homework we all made a Christmas decoration. We used them to decorate the classroom and our tree...it looks very colourful and festive!

SPRING 1 2019


Happy New Year!!


Our new topic for the spring term is The Great Fire of London.

We are looking forward to learning lots of new and interesting things about the great fire...

First we learned about what London is like now.  We found out about all the different important landmarks, drew pictures of them and wrote postcards pretending we had been on a trip to London.



Then, we learned about what London was like in Tudor times.  Did you know that there wasn't any electricity or cars? Also, people didn't have toilets in their homes so they threw their waste out of the windows into the street? That's disgusting!!


For our homework we made models or pictures of Tudor Houses from the time of the Great Fire and displayed them in the classroom.  They look fantastic...


Spring 2 2019


This half term we are learning about our local community of Church Gresley and Swadlincote.

In PE we are learning how to do fencing and archery.  We have learned lots of new skills and vocabulary.  Did you know that the position fencers stand in is called 'en guarde' and the sword they use is called a 'foil'? We have learned to lunge, thrust and parry.  Look at us standing in our en guarde positions and practising our new skills...

History Day 2019


On 19th March we had a special history day in school.  We all came dressed as Victorians and had a fantastic day learning all about the Victorian era. We did reading, handwriting, times tables and sang nursery rhymes just like Victorian children would have done at school.  We did 'drill' in the playground and Mrs Mansell even inspected our hands and fingernails to check we were clean! The teachers were very strict and we had to work very quietly.  In Victorian times boys and girls were often separated so we had to sit on different sides of the classroom.  Boys did technical drawing while girls learned about sewing and cookery.  

Mother's Day 2019


We invited our Mums into school on the Friday before Mothers Day.  We had a lovely time colouring and chatting, we presented them with cards and gifts and performed a special story called 'My Mum is Fantastic'...because they all are!!

Summer 1 2019


It's the summer term already, and our new topic is...THE SEASIDE!



This half term we are continuing with our fantastic PE sessions - we have moved on to Archery and we are getting very good at holding the bow in the correct way and shooting at a target. 

Rocket Mice

We had a fantastic time making and investigating our Rocket Mice in Science.  We made small mice out of paper and practised shooting them into the air using different sized milk bottles.  We asked questions, made predictions and investigated which bottles made them go the highest/furthest.  It was great fun!

Summer 2 2019

We are back for our final term and ready to learn all about AFRICA!


Father's Day

We invited our Dads and Grandads into school to celebrate Father's Day.  We had been learning about Africa and we were shocked and sad to discover that many children in Africa can't go to school.  One little girl, Sefiyat from Nigeria, can't attend school because there is a dangerous river that she is unable to cross safely.  We set our grown ups the challenge of helping us to build a bridge to help Sefiyat cross the river. Our designs were amazing - and they all held at least a 100g weight.

Cultural Week 2019


In cultural week we continued learning about Africa and enjoyed doing lots of creative activities.  We made pop-up cards in D.T with an African background and pop-up African animals.  We also read a lovely book called 'The Fire Children', which is an African creation story.  In the book, the characters made all kinds of different children out of clay and baked them in an oven to set.  We created our own 'fire children' with different coloured clay for a special exhibition.  There were also some lovely pictures in the book that we recreated with paint.  It was a lovely morning and we really enjoyed the story! 

On Tuesday we made African masks from paper and card. 

On Wednesday we had an amazing African drumming workshop.  We learned about tempo and played different instruments together. We also had the chance to dance to the music we made in a performance. It was so much fun!