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Class 9 ------- Outstanding Owls

Welcome to Class 9 Outstanding Owls!

We look forward to you visiting our page and finding out what we have been doing!

On Monday 21st September we had a visit from The Quantum Theatre Company. They taught us all about healthy foods and the importance of getting lots of exercise. We have been learning all about how to keep healthy in our topic.

Our Mums, Dads and Grans came to see what we do in Literacy lessons on Tuesday 13th October. They helped us plan our stories and then we wrote our fantastic adventures!

The 20th October was our Spa Day! We had such fun, exercising, eating healthy foods, having our nails painted, face packs and relaxing. Look at our photos! Don't we look like we are having fun!

On Friday 6th November we visited Cadbury World! It took a very long time to get there but once we were there we had a great day! We listened to a talk all about how chocolate was made. Then we saw what Mr Cadbury's first shop looked like and learnt all about how he built up his business.

After we had toured round the factory we got to taste the chocolate! It was delicious and we watched as some of the workers decorated and made lots of chocolaty things! The last thing we did was the 4D cinema! That was brilliant. We had a great day. Thank you to Mrs Robey, Mrs Howe and Mrs Roe who all came to help us!

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November we had a visit from Primary Books. We learnt all about the country of Mexico and enjoyed listening to stories and learning songs in Spanish! Some of us even got to dress up in Mexican clothes!

Its Christmas!! We have been very busy making lots of chocolaty things. Aren't we clever?

On the last day of term we had a visit from Santa! We had a fabulous party! Thanks Mums and Dads for all our delicious food!

This term we have been doing lots of work on living things. We used a key to help us find things that were living, were no longer living and had never lived.

As part of our work on Chinese New Year we learnt about Tangram- an ancient Chinese puzzle, also called 'Seven pieces of Cleverness'. We tried to make some different pictures with the shapes. It was very tricky!

As part of our topic on 'The Great Fire of London' we made Tudor Houses. Here are some of them, we are really proud of them!

On World Book Day, we came in our pyjamas as our theme was 'bedtime stories'. We had a very relaxing day! We read lots of stories.

We wrote poems about fantastic dreams...

In the afternoon we read the book 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' by Oliver Jeffers. We made pop up books, edible books that we could eat and we wrote menus using word and language vocabulary. We had a great day!

We enjoyed our Mother's Day event. Loads of Mums came! Thank you!

On March 21st we went to Rosliston Forestry Park for our second school trip of the year. It was very cold but we had a great day searching for minibeasts and signs that other animals had been there.

We played lots of fun games and we were great nature detectives. Look at all the signs we spotted! Thank you Mrs Robey, Mrs Barry and Mrs Atkin for coming with us!

Just after Easter we invited our Mums and Dads in for a Maths open morning. We were learning all about position and direction and we designed and made maps. It was great fun!

In science we have been learning all about plants. We have planted our own seeds to see which ones grow the fastest! We are keeping plant diaries.

It's our May Day Celebrations! Look at our fantastic Maypoles!

On June 10th we had a very special street party for the Queen's 90th birthday. Luckily the rain stayed away until after school had finished. Phew!!

Our Dads and Grandads came in on Friday and helped us with our 'Send My Friend to School' campaign. We made rucksacks and we are going to send them to our MP to highlight the plight of children who have had to move away from their homes and cannot go to school.

On June 20th we had some very special guests! We have been learning about Africa and we had some visitors from the Maasai tribe. They performed for us in assembly. Some of us were able to dance with them! Then they answered questions for us in the classroom. It was very interesting!

We have been getting involved in lots of sports activities over the last few weeks.

This is us on our sports day at Pennine Way

Miss Johnson organised Sports Week last week. We enjoyed basketball,multi-skills, dance and dance afternoon with the whole school. We had great fun!