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Class 9 ------- Outstanding Owls

Welcome to Class 9 Outstanding Owls. The children have all settled beautifully into their new class and have already been working very hard. Mrs Stothert and Mrs Llewellyn are very proud of how well they have moved up to Year 2 and we're all looking forward to a great year!
07.09.18 This week in maths we've been making two digit numbers using a wide range of practical apparatus.
14.09.18 This week we have started our new Talk for Writing unit. We're all creating our own non-fiction books called How to be Healthy so we've been having fun imitating a model text. Next week we'll write our opening page before innovating the text to incorporate our own ideas.
08.10.18 This week we are learning about 2d shapes in maths. Today the children had to sort their shapes using their own criteria and some of their ideas were very tricky indeed!
09.10.18 Thank you to all the adults who were able to attend our literacy open morning today. The children had a lovely time and all enjoyed sharing their work with you!
12.10.18 As part of our homework this week, the children have created their own models of African animals. The work is amazing and it looks great in our class display!
19.10.18 Spa Day. We had a brilliant day today celebrating all the things we have learned in science this term. We enjoyed making healthy kebabs and exercising outside with Mrs Elks. We did yoga, we had relaxing face masks and we even had our nails painted. The children all behaved beautifully and they definitely had lots of fun!
05.11.18 Every Monday we visit our library. The children love sharing the books with their friends.
19.11.18 We had a super visit to Cadbury World today and the children all had a great time. Thank you to the parents / carers who were able to help. 
20.11.18 Today we enjoyed a visit from a real author called Wes Magee. The children learned how to write and then perform our own class poem. It was brilliant!
13.12.18 - Hosanna Rock! The children enjoyed performing their Christmas play today and they were all FANTASTIC!!. Well done everyone!
29.01.19 Maths Open Morning. We had a lovely morning today using directions to create treasure maps for the Beebots. We learned that a turn to the right is the same as turning clockwise whilst a turn to the left is turning anti clockwise. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to attend. We had a great time!
13.02.19 Today we enjoyed a visit from the local fire service and we learned lots about how to keep ourselves safe. Ask your child to tell you about what they found out and to show you how to stop, drop and roll!
13.02.19 Making music about the Great Fire of London. We have been learning how to compose and perform our own music using crescendo and decrescendo to mirror the sounds the fire could have made as it grew and spread before eventually dying out.
25.02.19 The Living eggs have arrived in Class 9. At the moment we have 10 eggs incubating and we can't wait to meet our tiny visitors!
27.02.19 Hurrah! The eggs are starting to hatch.
01.03.19 We are enjoying looking after our little visitors and we now know how to care for them really well.
05.03.19 Today we enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day! We learned about Lent and how Christians often give up something important to them during this special time. The pancakes were delicious!
The chicks have now gone to live on a free range farm where they can live a good life. We all had cuddles before saying goodbye!
08.03.19 Today we've really enjoyed doing practical science experiments, especially the one where we tried to mix coloured water and vegetable oil using a detergent. We weren't entirely successful, but we made some excellent predictions and detailed observations.
13.03.19 Over the last three weeks we've been coached in fencing and today we enjoyed using the foils with a partner. Next week, we'll be starting archery and we can't wait!
19.03.19 Victorian Day. Our costumes were brilliant, but the Victorian school was very strict! We enjoyed using the artefacts and practising our curly handwriting.
22.03.19 We have just started our next Talk for Writing unit which is non chronological reports. Today we had to examine lots of evidence to find out about dragons before we write a report about them next week.
26.03.19 Science - Today we made rocket mice. We had to observe, predict, ask questions and collect our results. It was also really good fun! Can you explain why a rocket mouse flies higher when placed on a larger bottle? What is the force which makes the mouse fall back down to Earth?
03.04.19 P.E. Over the last three weeks we've been learning all about archery and today we had a big class competition to find the best team.
30.04.19 In science we've been learning about bulbs and seeds. Today we used magnifiers to closely observe different seeds and to predict which plants we expect them to grow into.

15.05.19 P.E.

We're learning how to play cricket this week. Today we learned how to bat and field, then played a great game to finish.

14.06.19 Thank you to all the adults who were able to attend our Fathers Day event today. We had a great time making bridges that would hold a weight over a river!
21.06.19 We had an exciting science morning today. The best bit was trying to skewer balloons.
28.06.19 Rosliston. Today we had a very hot day at Rosliston. We created fairy houses, clay tree guardians and nature collages. It was a great day out and the children behaved beautifully!