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Class 9 --------- Outstanding Owls

Hello! We are the Outstanding Owls. Come and see what we have been doing.

We have been finding out whether taller children have bigger shoes. In our class they did but not in the other Year 2 classes! I wonder why that was?

We have been learning all about 2d shape and have been sorting our shapes in different ways. I wonder if you can guess how we have sorted them? We all sorted them differently.

We have been using espresso to build our own apps. We are very proud of them!

Yesterday, we had our Spa day. We did lots of different things. Come and have a look at the pictures....

We started off having a manicure and a foot spa. Then we had an exercise session! Mrs Elks had us working very hard!

After that Mrs Yates allowed us to try lots of different, healthy foods. We were all brave and tried something we weren't sure about!

Finally we had a chill out, with some face packs, relaxing music and Tai chi! We all had a fantastic day!! When can we have another one Mrs Mansell?

On 22nd October we had our annual visit from Primary Books. We learnt all about the country of Japan. We learnt a song in Japanese and learnt about the Japanese art of paper folding called Origami.

We were very sad on the last day of term because Mrs Gayton left our school, after 7 years,to look after her family. We gave her a picture with all our fingerprints on it and she gave us an apple tree. We were allowed to help her plant it. I wonder how long it will take the apples to grow?

On the festival of Diwali we had a special session of Indian dancing. We all really enjoyed it!

This was our school trip to Cadbury World. We learnt all about the history of chocolate from Aztec times to Victorian England. We watched a short film about how Mr Cadbury brought chocolate to everyone and then we learnt about the processes involved in making chocolate. We were steamed, thrown about and heated up just like the coco beans! We had a great day and learnt lots about chocolate!

During the week of Remembrance Day we thought a lot about the First World War. We talked about how important it was to remember the soldiers who died. We had a visit from Joy. She helped us imagine what it was like to be a soldier. We put on our uniforms and got into the trenches. 

Mr Mansfield and Miss Rose invited us to Pennine Way. We made collage pictures of poppies and medals. We worked as a team. Miss Rose taught us some songs about Remembrance Day and we used some musical instruments. She recorded us singing!

We had a fantastic Christmas party! Father Christmas visited us and then we had lots of delicious party food. Thanks Mums and Dads!!

This term we have really enjoyed improving our basketball skills with 'Steadie'.  He worked us really hard!

As part of our work on Chinese New Year, we made tangrams. It was tricky to get the shapes in the right place to make the pictures!

This week we have had our Superheroes Day! We designed and made our own superhero vehicles. It was very hard work! 

Look at our fantastic costumes!!

Look at the amazing superhero vehicles we made! It was very hard work but we finally got them finished and we are really proud of them!

Today, March 6th has been World Book Day. Our theme was 'Tails from Tales'. Look at our fantastic tails!

We completed lots of activities based on 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' by Oliver Jeffers.

We imagined we had swallowed something weird and drew our tummies afterwards.  We wrote menus based on the English language, we had things like, comma sauce, alphabet soup, adjective burgers with exclamation mark chips!

We had great fun making edible books that we could really eat! We made them out of icing sugar, they were delicious!

We made our own pop up books of 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy', they had pop up mouths in them! They were tricky, but we managed them in the end.

We have had a brilliant assembly on the very important topic of Road Safety. We enjoyed entertainment from Togo and Nogo!

We learnt how to use a pelican and a zebra crossing safely.

We have been learning about sculpture this week and the work of Andy Goldsworthy who only uses natural materials for his works of art. We have had a go making our own and had great fun! We did find lots of minibeasts in our collections.......

On the 23rd March we had our school trip to Rosliston Forestry Park. We had a great day, making natural sculptures and looking for mini beasts.

This was our annual May Day Parade. We walked round the playground with our Maypoles. It was VERY windy! But luckily it didn't rain.

This term we have been learning about electricity. We absolutely loved making and experimenting with circuits! We managed to make the bulb light all on our own and were very proud of ourselves!

We have been very lucky to have someone from the Sports Partnership doing lots of activities with us as part of 'Change for Life' Look how much fun we had.

We have been applying what we know in Maths with some tricky problem solving. We all managed to work it out! We were very proud of ourselves!

We have been learning all about the 'Send My Friend to School' Campaign. Yesterday our dads came to help us make mini 3d world leaders to send to David Cameron, the Prime Minister. We want him to persuade the UN to get all children into school by the end of 2017. We had a brilliant time and so did the dads!