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WOW wall 30/04/2021

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Lovely Ladybirds- Leon

Proud Pandas- Riley
Delightful Dolphins- Bobby
Excellent Elephants- Alfie

Marvellous Monkeys- Sophie.B
Fantastic Frogs- Hollie
Talented Turtles- Henry

Terrific Tigers- Dylan
Perfect Penguins- Aston
Outstanding Owls- Izzy

Wow wall 23/04/21

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Lovely Ladybirds- Liarna

Proud Pandas- Florence
Delightful Dolphins- Thomas
Excellent Elephants- Connor

Marvellous Monkeys- Mischa
Fantastic Frogs- Martha
Talented Turtles- Rocco

Terrific Tigers- Miriam
Perfect Penguins- Ivy
Outstanding Owls- Lily-Rose

Physical Activity Suggestions

Assemblies: Summer Term One

May Day

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Monday 26th April

Autism Awareness Month

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Tuesday- Trust

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Wednesday- Good Samaritan

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Monday 19th April


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Tuesday- Ramadan

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Goodbye and Good Luck to all our Year 2 leavers. We will miss you and are very proud of you all. Here's a little something from us to you! ðŸĨ°âĪðŸĨ°âĪðŸĨ°

For Year 2 children

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Something for our Nursery, Reception and Year One children. Have a fantastic summer and we'll see you in September! 👋👋👋😘

For Nursery, Reception and Year One children

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Wow Wall - Year 2 leavers 2020
It’s time for us to say goodbye for your time at CGINS has come to an end.
This year may not have been the year you were expecting but the memories and friendships you have made you will cherish for a lifetime.
All of your teachers from nursery through to year 2 are extremely proud of each and every one of you. You are amazing and will continue to be amazing. 
All the best from Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.

Wow Wall - Year 2 Leavers 2020

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Information for September - Nursery children

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This is a video with information about September for children who will be in Nursery.

Information for September - infant children

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This is a video with information about September for children who will be in Reception, Year One or Year Two.

Singing Assembly - 16.7.20

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As One

WOW WALL - 10th July 2020


Welcome to our last virtual wow wall, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful parents and carers who have home schooled their children for the past 16 weeks, you have done an amazing job, one more week to go and we’ll let you have 6 weeks off!

What have you been learning about this week? We have had some keen artists this week, looking at the work of Van Gogh, The Irises. One child also designed their own mystical creature called Mr Dragon who has a blazing fire mouth that shoots out burning fire balls! We’ve also had some fantastic junk models made out of household recycling and one child has been patiently working on their diamond painting.


Green fingers! This week some children have been learning about sunflowers, planting their own and watching how tall they grow. One children has planted a tomato plant and is taking good care of it making sure it gets just the right about of sunshine and water, I bet you can’t wait to taste them!


Lots of exploring has been happening this week despite the rain, there’s been minibeasts hunts, exploring woodlands and trips to the beach where one child has been leaning to surf while his brother has enjoyed some relaxing fishing.

Church Gresley bake off! One child went strawberry picking and decided to make a delicious strawberry cheesecake, he had to work very hard to weigh out the ingredients and concentrate on following each step of the recipe, I bet you didn’t save me any!


A special mention.

During the lockdown Jack.K and his Mum were set a challenge by Jacks Mums work, the challenge was to work alongside each other and to share their work from home experiences online on LinkedIn. Jack and Mum were super surprised by what happened next, they received over 85,000 views on their post and had messages from all over the world from children and parents sharing their stories. They got so much attraction from thier post that their photo (also featured in this week’s wow wall) was then used on Vodafone’s social media channels and on the Vodafone Careers website.

Here is a link to show all of Jacks hard work and just how amazing he is at working alongside his mummy in these challenging times!




From all of the CGINS team a huge thank you to all of our wonderful children and parents for sharing your amazing work and sending lovely words of encouragement and thanks during these strange times. 

We look forward to seeing you all in September! Stay safe and enjoy your summer holidays.


From Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.

Wow wall - 10th July 2020

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WOW WALL - 3rd July 2020

Beginning of July already! It’s getting close to the end of term and everyone is starting to get tired but you are all still working extremely hard on your school tasks at school and at home.


In school nursery children have been learning all about Wales with the help from Mrs Field to celebrate cultural week, they have been making some beautiful Welsh pictures and have learnt that Wales in Welsh is Cymru. Reception children have been learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar and have made some paper chain very hungry caterpillars. Key Stage one children have been looking at the story Aliens Love Underpants, one of my favourites! They have made some lollipop stick puppets and have designed some jazzy looking pants! Year 2 children have been looking at Africa this week for culture week, children have been making some wonderful African animal silhouette pictures, you have been learning about Nelson Mandela and about Maasai nomads. Keeping with the topic of Africa one child has some very big African snails that she carefully takes care of.


You have been very active this week, some children have visited Cattows Farm for some strawberry picking,I bet they were super scrummy! Two boys are enjoying their time in Cornwall going for lots walks and making sculptures out of the stones on the beach. For national sports week you have been keeping fit, we’ve had a keen runner, something I myself like doing lots of to keep fit and one child went on an 11 mile, that’s right 11 miles!! Bike ride! Well done!! It seems as the weeks go on we have more and more little green fingers, one child grew some runner beans that were taller than her!! I bet Miss Mee would love you to help her with the schools gardening in September.


We’ve had a very brave child who had a little accident and was very brave when he went to the hospital, your Mummy is super proud of you.

This week Jack celebrated his 7th Birthday!! Happy birthday Jack!


Thank you for all of your WOW wall pictures, reminder that next week is the last week for the WOW wall. 
Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.

Wow Wall - Friday 3rd July 2020

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Singing Assembly - Thursday 2nd July 2020

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Love in my Heart

WOW Wall 

26th June 2020 

Welcome to this week’s wow wall! Let us see what you have been up to in school and at home during this glorious week! 

In school and at home you have been working hard on your school projects, you have been learning about healthy eating, mini beasts, the creation story and transport. 


It looks like you have had lots of fun being creative and working hard on your numeracy skills learning timetables and doing lots of interesting writing including writing fact files.  


This week a child has been very creative with the household recycling by constructing a tank out of junk, another child made a beautiful dress out of recycling, how very talented! I wonder whether it would fit me… Sticking with the theme of transport, there has been a working raft made and one child made a lovely helicopter bookmark to go with her emergency book, bookmarks are very useful to help us to remember what page we are on.  


This week children in school and at home have been enjoying the sunshine, you have enjoyed playing outside, having picnics, gardening and pool days. One child helped some baby toads migrate so they did not get hurt by accident. Two children enjoyed some lovely days out at East Midlands airport watching the cargo planes, they also went to the zoo and took a particular liking to the Apes… hmmm that would be a fantastic class name, maybe Amazing Apes. What do you think? 


Looks like someone has had a diamond certificate this week, usually on Fridays we have a celebration assembly in school, children who have been following the diamond rules all week earn themselves a diamond certificate. This child made himself a diamond award for having a positive attitude towards his work and working super hard all week! Well done! And Miss Khan and myself are very pleased to see that come of you are still practising your recorder! Well done, keep up the hard work! 


Birthdays… This week Thomas celebrated his 5th birthday and Billie-Rae celebrated her 5th birthday. A big happy birthday to you both! Did you save me any cake? 


As always it has been a delight in reading your lovely emails, I would love to be able to reply to you all individually, I love reading about what you and your children have been doing and appreciate the thanks and encouragement.  

Thank you.  

Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.


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Message about return of reading books

Wow Wall 19th June

Welcome to this week’s WOW wall, children have been working very hard at school and at home.

Children in school have been working hard on their numeracy and writing skills this week. They have been making some lovely father’s day cards for the weekend, getting creative with paints, and have made some lolly stick puppets.

At home, children have been learning all about mini-beasts, some children have been out exploring and have found many different creatures, they have written some interesting facts about them and created some amazing mini-beast crafts.

Some children have been learning all about space during their home schooling, children have been researching facts about the solar system and learning all about the planets. Children have worked hard creating their own marvellous models of the solar system and drew some beautifully detailed pictures.

Other children have been getting green fingers, one child planted grass, seeds and flowers and has made a unicorn meadow, she is looking forward to watching them grow. Two children have been measuring their sunflowers that they have planted; I bet they are growing super tall with all this rain and sunshine!

One chid was very creative this week and made a waterfall using only recycled materials, and another child learned how to play twinkle twinkle little star on the keyboards, what a talented superstar you are!

This week Toby H celebrated his 7th Birthday, Happy Birthday Toby!

Thank you for all of your lovely photos you have sent in this week, you are all working very hard with your home schooling projects and in school, your teachers are extremely proud of you. Keep up the hard work!

Miss Pickett and the CGINS team!

Wow Wall - Friday 19th June 2020

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Singing Assembly - Thursday 18th June

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Sun Arise

We thought that these clips from Blue Peter explain Racism well and the movement 'Black Lives Matter'. The Blue Peter page offers links to find out more information. This important subject has been on the news a lot recently and we wanted to help you to talk about this at home, especially as we cannot cover it in school with all of the children. 

We have added a power point and some stories that you can also share with your child to talk about differences and the need to respect those differences.

WOW Wall 12th June 2020


Welcome to this week’s WOW wall! 

There is lots of wow work to celebrate this week. 


At school all the nursery, reception and key worker bubbles have settled in well and have been working super hard! Your teachers are very impressed!


Here’s what you have been up to at home...

In numeracy children have been very busy making clocks to help them learn how to tell the time, lots of you have been working hard writing and working out tricky number sentences. One child practised her counting skills by braving a game of monopoly! A child from Turtles class carefully measured out all of the ingredients to make some yummy looking turtle bread rolls.


In literacy this week children have been working hard to perfect their number formation, and have been enjoying reading lots of books, writing and learning about rhyming and continuing a rhyming string.


You have all been enjoying the outdoors despite the change in weather, it’s very important to get some fresh air and some exercise. We’ve had more superstar children learning to ride their bikes! One child took their baby doll out for a stroll whilst another child took their doggy out for a walk. Someone has even been on a day trip to a castle! I bet that was very interesting! One child has now got a mini motorbike which she has learnt to ride and takes great care of it by making sure she cleans it every time she goes for a ride.


If you can’t get outdoors to exercise there’s lots of things you can do inside to exercise, one child has been taking part in weekly gymnastics classes on zoom.


Thank you for your lovely WOW work photos this week. It has been a delight reading your emails of support; you’re all doing an amazing job home schooling your children.


Keep up the hard work!!

Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.

Wow Wall - Friday 12th June 2020

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Information for parents - 4.6.20

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Singing Assembly - Thursday 4th June 2020

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Lovely Summer's Day

Wow Wall - Friday 22nd May 2020

What a busy week you’ve all had this week, you have all been working hard on your home school learning, doing lots of tricky writing and number work.

We have been blessed with glorious weather again this week, it is lovely to see you taking advantage of this, going for lots of walks or turning into a little athletes! Some have you have taken the opportunity to collect lots of natural objects to make some wonderful artwork. It looks like you have been busy mini beast hunting, making mini beast crafts and writing interesting facts.

One child brought the theatre to his home this week, he carefully constructed it using Duplo bricks and a torch, I hope your family enjoyed the show!

Children are finding their inner chefs and helping their parents make some yummy cakes, and meals, I hope they were delicious!

As always it has been a delight to read your lovely emails and see all of your wonderful work! Next week is half term, so there will be no wow wall, enjoy your week off from home schooling, enjoy the sunshine and keep baking!

Miss Pickett and the CGINS team x

Wow Wall - Friday 22nd May 2020

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While We Can't Hug

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A lovely video to share with your children...
From Faber Children's Books

Hello everyone

This is a short video from school giving further information about dropping off and collecting Nursery children who are returning to school from the 2nd June 2020. smiley

Information for Nursery children returning from 2nd June 2020

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Assembly - Friday 15th May 2020

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VE Day Wow Wall - Friday 15th May 2020


Mrs Morton has produced this week's brilliant wow wall, showing all the lovely ways you have been celebrating VE Day at home with your families. As always, we have loved looking at your photographs and seeing your smiling faces! 

Challenge: The pictures have been put together in a specific order - can you work out how Mrs Morton has ordered them? 

VE Day Wow Wall - Friday 15th May 2020

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A message to parents - 14th May 2020

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Singing Assembly 14.5.20

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Let's Go Fly a Kite

May Day Wow Wall - Friday 8th May 2020


Wow!!! You have all been very busy this week taking part in our Mayday festivities, Mayday is a time for celebration of spring and the renewal of nature, so let’s take a look at how you’ve celebrated Mayday at home with your families.

You have been very creative in crafting and decorating beautiful bright Maypoles to parade around your gardens. Two children decided to use sports play equipment to make a mayday model, very imaginative. Some of you have shown off your creative skills in making beautiful Mayday pictures full of springtime flowers and mini-beasts, one child carefully crafted some origami tulips. It has been lovely to see that you have been out exploring the local area looking for signs of spring in nature.

Birthdays! This week some children have celebrated their special days at home with their families eating lots of yummy cake and spending time in the sunshine.

Happy 6th birthday to Joshua and Happy 6th birthday to Tommy.

Thank you for all of your lovely emails and photographs.

Next week the wow wall theme will be VE day, email in your pictures and work about what you have been doing to mark this special historic event by Thursday 14th  12 noon.

Many thanks Miss Pickett and the CGINS team.

May Day Wow Wall - Friday 8th May 2020

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Aces Day - Wednesday 6th May


Today is ACES day (all children exercise simultaneously).  If we'd been at school today we would have all joined together to exercise in the playground . As we can't do this, Miss Johnson has recorded some videos for us.  Please all join in by following these 3 videos at 10.00am so we can still all exercise together. yes

Aces Day Video 1

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Aces Day Video 2

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Aces Day Video 3

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A Spring Assembly - 5.5.20

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Join Mrs Mansell on her daily walk, and look for signs of Spring. 🐄🐑ðŸĶĒðŸĶ†ðŸŒŧ🌞

Online Wow Wall - Friday 1st May 2020


Hello children, welcome to this weeks' WOW wall!

You have all been very busy this week! I have enjoyed looking at all of your photos and reading your lovely emails, thank you!

Lots of you have been working hard in Maths and Literacy, practising your letter formation, punctuation and working through lots of tricky sums.

Some children have been taking part in science experiments, from their own volcano eruptions, to dying their hair! One child had a look at an owl pellet carefully dissecting and cleaning it.

We’ve had some keen bakers and chefs this week, from yummy pizzas to delicious looking cakes!

You have been busy helping your mummies and daddies with DIY jobs and lots of housework too, Mr Summers will have some helpers when we go back to school!

Some have you have been getting creative, making lots of mess and using your imaginations. It’s lovely to see you getting creative with paints, salt dough and junk modelling. One child worked super hard creating his own board game.

It’s lovely to see you have been getting involved in projects to help support our keyworkers and understand the importance of staying home to protect them and ourselves.

A lot of you have been spending lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine we’ve had, you’ve doing lots of gardening, exploring and riding your bikes. I think over the next few days you’ll have to put your wellies on and find some muddy puddles.  

As many of you will know we usually have a Mayday parade around the school playground, here the children display their Maypoles they have made, it’s lovely to see that some children have made Maypoles this week and had their very own Mayday parade.

There has been some special birthdays this week too, happy 7th birthday to Isabella D and Neveah H. We hope you enjoyed your special days at home with your families and got to eat some yummy cakes!

We hope you enjoy this weeks’ virtual wow wall video.

From all of the staff at CGINS. blush


Online Wow Wall - Friday 1st May

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Singing Assembly - Thursday 30th April

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Here is our first virtual singing assembly with Miss Asquith. Make sure you're all joining in!

Assembly - 28.04.20

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Here is your next assembly from Mrs Mansell. Enjoy the video and look at the extra resources below for some more information on Captain Tom Moore.

Oxford Owl Website Guides


Please find below some handy 'how-to' guides to help you to access the Oxford Owl reading website at home.  Miss Khan has very kindly put these together, and has produced 2 separate documents showing how to access from a laptop or a tablet/mobile phone.  cool Remember - keep reading!! cool

Online Wow Wall - Friday 24th April


Welcome to our very first online 'Wow Wall'.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week!  Don't worry if you haven't, there will be plenty more opportunities to do so as we are going to upload a new one each Friday. Let's see what you have all been doing this week...


On Wednesday the key children used chalk on the playground to make some beautiful art work.

Amelia H has been busy this week baking, she used her mathematical knowledge to carefully weigh out the ingredients she needed.

Zaki enjoyed some bird spotting in his garden and drew a lovely picture of a Robin.

Zara B has been working super hard in maths this week.

Caleb R has made an interesting fact file about the life of Charles Darwin.

Maci E made use of the empty milk containers to make a lovely animal.

Millie S did some sharing practically with her teddies.

Riley W made his own colourful coat of arms.

Dougie H has been researching Charles Darwin and has worked hard to make a very interesting fact poster.

Millie S made some tasty looking pizzas.

Jimmy G has been really busy this week learning all about Kenya, he has tried new food and learnt how to say Hello in Swahili.

Aston C has been helping his Daddy do some building work.

Betty A has been enjoying lots of reading and lots of writing in her school book.

Lacey W has learnt how to tie her shoelaces.

Lucy E made a sea side model project which she has been able to enjoy in the sunshine.

Robyn C has been very busy this week, doing lots of projects including learning how to ride a bike.

Emily L has made a lovely sea side model out of junk.

Evie-Belle has created some beautiful artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Sophie B has been busy doing lots of different things, including riding her bike, maths work and having fun hunting for Easter Eggs.

Grace and Luke V have been doing lots of work, they had their very own Victorian day where they wrote with chalks, they made a space rocket and Luke has enjoyed making dinosaurs out of Junk.

Caitlin H went on a nature walk and found lots of interesting things.

Declan H has made an amazing Volcano, and he also grew some cress, I wonder if they had cress and tuna sandwiches?!

Amy-Jo W has been getting messy and creative.

Caedan W has been working hard with his reading and letters and sounds.

Lyla B and her sister Ana have drawn some colourful rainbows which are in the windows of the ED department at Derby Hospital.

Isabella E has worked hard writing a poem about the seaside.

Eva H has been keeping busy doing lots of school work including sound work, maths work and keeping a diary.

Mia V has been doing Joe Wicks PE, and has worked hard in maths and literacy, she wrote independently about By the River.

Bethany M has been creative and made a beautiful, colourful Easter picture.

Teodor M has been getting creative with his paints.

Dylan S worked hard on his number formation this week.

Amelia D worked hard on perfecting her number and letter formation.

Rex S created a dinosaur adventure park, very creative.

Jack B has become a chef and cooked a lovely meal and has also been making pictures out of natural materials! I hope those two didn’t get mixed up!

Brody has done some out of this earth writing about an asteroid!

Maggie was playing in her mud kitchen and she found Superworm!

Henry L has had green fingers this week planting and has made a very cool looking robot out of junk.

Freya from BB has been practising her handwriting skills.

Braedon B has been learning spellings, and been working hard with maths and reading.

Martha T made Mrs Robey a special birthday card, Happy Birthday Mrs Robey.

Archie D worked super hard on his number work this week.

Pippa D and her sister Maddie made an erupting volcano, planted some seeds and been practising writing her letters and numbers.

Billie-Rae from class 3 has been boxing with her Daddy, helping to decorate the house as well as doing lots of school work.

Willow G completed the schools Easter challenge and created a birthday cake picture out of shapes for her 6th  birthday. Happy birthday Willow.

Olivia F studied a map of the UK and created a fact file for a Narwhal. 

Lydia G painted a rainbow, practised her writing and went treasure hunting!

Joshua W has lots of fun climbing trees and playing in the hot tub!

Ralph W made an awesome jet pack out of junk!

Neveah H has been practicing gymnastics in her living room.

Toby B worked hard to carefully select coloured bricks to make a rainbow owl.

Daisy D used coloured chalks to make a rainbow in her garden.

Harriet worked hard on writing about what she would like to be when she grows up, she’d like to be a police officer.

Violet C has been busy planting seeds, making yummy pizza and walking her dogs.

Braiden M created some artwork on a piece of canvas.

Ellie H made a colouring rainbow to thank the NHS.

Ruben and Rocco H made a sand display Africa.


I have very much enjoyed looking at all of your WOW wall work and reading your lovely emails. If you would like to contribute to next week's Online Wow Wall, please send your photographs to photos@churchgresley.derbyshire.sch.uk by Thursday at the latest.  Remember that by sending a photo to this email you are giving your consent for it to be published.


Best wishes and stay safe Miss Pickett and all of the staff at CGINS. x



Online Wow Wall - Friday 24th April

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CGINS Book Challenge - 24th April

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Mrs Mansell's Assembly April 22nd

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Message from school - April 10th

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