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All the Nursery children have settled in really quickly and they are trying very hard to learn and remember the Nursery routines. 

We know that we need to wear aprons for painting and playing in the water.

We always try to remember to wash our hands before we have some fruit or our snack.

We have lots of fun, learning through play.

We enjoy mark making in different ways.

Primary Books visited our school recently.  We enjoyed dressing up, joining in the song, listening to a story and learning a bit about Mexico.

We have got a fantastic igloo in our Nursery.  A big thank you to Mrs Field and her family for giving up their spare time to come and make an igloo for us.  Also a big thank you to all of the people who saved their empty milk cartons so we could make it.

The children are so proud of the igloo they do not want it to get broken.  They know that only three children are allowed in at once and they play in there so sensibly.

During the last few weeks we have been very busy and we have had lots of fun.

The children did very well in the Christmas performances.

We enjoyed our trips to the farm.  We learnt a lot about the different animals and we enjoyed dressing up and taking part in the Nativity story.  We also saw Santa.

To conclude our topic on 'Toys' we made our own sock puppets.  Here is a selection of some of them.

Our 'Outdoor Learning Environment' was looking very uninspiring and not a vibrant place to learn.

The children and staff have worked together during our 'Eco week' to improve our 'Outdoor Learning Environment'.  We have not finished yet but I'm sure you will agree we have started to make a big difference to the outdoor space.  We now have a lot more learning opportunities and we have had lots of fun working together.

We enjoy recognising and playing with shapes.  We went on a shape hunt around our school. 

May Day we all joined in a parade around our playground.  We made some lovely Maypoles at home.

Our topic was on 'Books' and we have really enjoyed a variety of books fiction and non-fiction. We love looking at books independently.  We have learnt about Traditional Tales and how they start 'Once upon a time...' and end 'They all lived happily ever after...'. We have learnt about St George and the Dragon and we have acted some stories out.  We have also thought about 'People Who Help Us' and used non-fiction books to learn about some jobs e.g. Fire-fighters.

Our mark making has improved significantly during the course of the year.  We are particularly proud of our Postman Pat paintings.

We had a very busy day last Friday.  We welcomed our Dads and Granddads into Nursery to 'Stay and Play'. 

Then we joined in 'Den Building Day' for Save the Children and we built our own dens.