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A goodbye message to all the current Nursery children

Hello everyone, a message from all the ladies in Nursery. We just wanted to say goodbye to all those children who will be leaving our Nursery and moving up into Reception. We know some of you will be starting Reception in a new school. You have all worked so hard this year and we have enjoyed seeing you "sparkle" and "shine." We know you will continue to work hard for your new teachers and make lots of new friends. Just remember you are all superstars and we are very proud of you. Enjoy your Summer break, take care, goodbye.


          From Miss Lenton, Mrs Leigh and all the ladies in Nursery.



Welcome Messages

13th July Home Learning

There are five more nursery rhymes this week. They include 'Old Macdonald Had a Farm' so animals and farms is the topic this week. There are ideas for outdoor learning activities and a senses scavenger hunt. You can have fun with the musycling ideas and make instruments out of recycled items. As usual, there are lots of colouring, craft and fine motor activities and there is a recipe this week too.

Home Learning 6th July

There are five more nursery rhymes and a mini-beast theme this week. There is a measuring activity in the Maths folder and a prepositions power point to help your child to use language like 'on top', 'underneath', 'in between'. There is a mini-beast sorting activity as well as lots of counting activities. 

There is a 'What am I?' mini-beast power point and a sheet for you to go on a mini-beast hunt. 

Home Learning Summer 2

Home Learning 29th June

There are five more nursery rhymes to learn. There are a range of activities linked to these, including fine motor activities, craft, baking and colouring.

Can your child sequence the Little Miss Muffet rhyme using the pictures? 

One of the rhymes is London's Burning. So there is a folder with information about people who help us and a range of activities to have a go at. 

There is more counting this week and a pattern activity in the Maths folder.

The Phonics this week looks at things that begin with the same sound. 

Remember to keep sharing stories! smiley

Home learning 22nd June

There are five more nursery rhymes to learn and some activities to go with them. Please share 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book with your child. there is a clip below if you do not have the book. There are some counting sheets to go with the book (counting to 5, 10 or 20). There is a Humpty Dumpty number matching activity and you can use the positional language cards to say if Humpty Dumpty is under, above, inside, etc.

There is another phonics activity looking at sounds the environment this week and encouraging your child to make sound makers.

There are some fitness challenge cards to keep your child active and some fine motor activities e.g. cutting.

Home learning 15th June.

There are a range of nursery rhyme themed activities for you this week. There are five nursery rhymes to learn and activities linked to them.

There is a 'screen free' activities sheet. See how many you can do!

There is also a body percussion challenge, (This helps to build the foundations for phonics learning).

It is Father's Day on the 21st June so there is a folder of activities for your child to complete. 

It is very important to keep reading. You can read books and play games on the Booktrust website.



To all the children in Beautiful Butterflies and Lovely Ladybirds,

Miss Lenton and Mrs Leigh and all the ladies in Nursery want to say a big hello. We miss you so much. We enjoy talking to you and your grown ups on the telephone, finding out about all the lovely things you've been doing. Keep up the good work ! Lots of love from Walt the puppet who keeps asking "What are they learning today?" He knows you are trying hard and has asked us to send more fun activities to keep you busy. (See below)

Now remember be good, take care, and keep safe. smiley

Home Learning Summer Term 1 2020
We have had lots of fun whilst learning at Nursery.