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16. How will the school prepare/support my child when joining or transferring to a new school?

A number of strategies are in place to enable effective transition for children. These include:

On entry:

  • A planned induction programme for Nursery and Reception children is delivered in the summer term to support transfer for children starting school or Nursery the following September.
  • The Nursery team also make visits to the home to meet the family in their familiar setting.
  • The Early Years Foundation team visit the children in their previous nursery settings where possible and make home visits to children who have attended an alternative nursery setting.
  • Parents/carers are invited to a meeting at the school and are provided with a range of information to support them in enabling their child to settle into the school routine.
  • The Child and Family Support worker and SENDCO meet with parents/carers of new children who are known to have SEND to allow concerns to be raised and solutions to any perceived challenges to be identified prior to entry.
  • If children are transferring from another setting, the previous school records will be requested immediately and a meeting set up with parents and external agencies already involved where possible, to identify and reduce any concerns.


Transition to the next school

  • A transition programme will be provided for children and parents/ carers to meet staff in their new school. These opportunities are further enhanced for children with SEND.
  • When a pupil is in Year 1 with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) the annual review begins the process where parents are supported to make decisions regarding school choice for Key Stage 2.
  • Parents/ carers will be encouraged to consider options for the next phase of education and the school will involve outside agencies as appropriate, to ensure information provided is comprehensive but accessible.
  • Accompanied visits to other providers may be arranged as appropriate.
  • For children transferring to the local school, the SENDCO’s of both schools will meet to discuss to discuss the needs of children with SEND in order to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Feedback will be obtained on the effectiveness of the transition process.
  • The records of children who leave the school mid-phase will be transferred within 5 working days of the parents notifying us that their child has been enrolled at another school.