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17. How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?


The school receives funding to respond to children with SEND from a number of sources that include:

  • The Local Authority - funding is used to support those children who require ‘additional and different’ provision
  • Graduated Response to Individual Pupil (GRIP), Temporary Additional Pupil Support (TAPs) or Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund (previously ETAEYS) – funding is used for those children with more complex needs
  • The Pupil Premium provides additional funding for disadvantaged children of all abilities.

For those children with the most complex needs, the school may be allocated additional educational needs funding from the Local Authority’s High Needs SEND funding allocation. This funding is then used to provide the equipment and facilities to support the children with special educational needs and disabilities. The range of support offered is identified on the Provision maps. These target the broad areas of need:

  1. Communication and interaction
  2. Cognition and learning
  3. Social, mental and emotional health
  4. Sensory and/or physical

If parents wish to discuss the options available for their child, they are welcome to make an appointment to see the class teacher or SENDCO.