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9. How will I as a parent be helped to support my child’s learning?

  • Please look at the school website. It can be found at www.cginschool.co.uk and includes links to websites and resources that we have found useful in supporting parents to help their child learn at home. In addition, the termly curriculum topic web on the school website has ideas for supporting at home.
  • The class teacher or SENDCo may also suggest additional ways of supporting your child’s learning. This information can be found on your child's Learning Passport.
  • The school organises a number of parent workshops during the year. These are advertised in the school newsletter and on our website and aim to provide useful opportunities for parents to learn more about how to support your child’s learning.

If you have ideas on support that you would like to have access to in order to further support your child’s learning, please contact the SENDCo who will locate information and guidance for you in this area.