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Our School Council is made up of representatives from each class. At the start of the Autumn term, each class votes for suitable pupils to represent their class on the School Council.

Healthy Food at Church Gresley Infant and Nursery School


During the Spring Term, our School Council took part in activities to promote healthy eating across school.


Our School Council started by looking at playtime snacks. A survey was carried out during morning playtimes, as children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack Monday to Thursday, with Friday being a day for a treat. 

Our School Council, also looked at lunch time meals. Reception members looked at and drew pictures of the school dinners and packed lunches. Year 1 members looked at the amount of fruit and vegetables being eaten and Year 2 members looked more closely at eating a balanced diet - including carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables. 

Our School Council presented their findings to the whole school during an assembly. They all did a fantastic job speaking or holding up pictures to reinforce how keeping healthy is important to all of us!

School Council Visit to Sainsbury's Swadlincote