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Spring 1



This term in Science we have been learning about Living things and their habitats. This week, we have been learning about animals and their offspring. This afternoon, the children worked in pairs to match the names of the offspring to the pictures of the animals. 



This term we are learning about instructions. The children have been developing their understanding of instructions this week by exploring a variety of different types of instructions. In today's lesson, the children followed a set of instructions about how to draw a cat. They had lots of fun and it helped them to recognise the importance of clear and detailed steps.



In today's lesson, the children gathered whole class data about chocolate. All of the children voted for their favourite chocolate bar and the children worked in pairs to create a graph to show this data. They used a wide variety of computing skills within the lesson and we found out that Twix was the most popular chocolate in our class!

Chinese New Year


We had lots of fun today celebrating Chinese New Year. The children listened to the Chinese Zodiac Story and then ordered the animals correctly onto a long strip of gold paper. The children then made this into a crown so that they could wear it for the rest of the day. The children then all had the chance to make a  Chinese Lantern and write their name in Chinese characters.

Minibeast Hunt


As part of our 'Living things and their habitats' topic we have been learning all about the different habitats that animals live in and why. This afternoon, the children went outside into the woodland area and around the playground to look for minibeasts and their habitats. We spotted lots of snails, a few worms and some woodlice.