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Year 2 Remote Learning

Remote Learning W/C 12th July 2021.


This work is only for children not attending school due to self-isolation. If your child is attending school as normal, please DO NOT complete this work.

Please take photographs of completed pieces of work and upload them to seesaw for your child's teacher to check and give feedback. Thank you.

Overview of Learning w/c 12.07.21

English w/c 12.07.21

Maths w/c 12.07.21

Topic w/c 12.07.21

Remote Learning W/C 5th July 2021.

Overview of Learning

English w/c 05.07.21

Maths w/c 05.07.21

Topic w/c 05.07.21

Remote Learning W/C 28th June 2021

Overview of Learning w/c 28.06.21

English w/c 28.06.21

Maths w/c 28.06.21

Topic w/c 28.06.21

Remote Learning W/C 21st June 2021

Overview of Learning w/c 21.06.21

English w/c 21.06.21

Maths w/c 21.06.21

Topic w/c 21.06.21

Remote Learning W/C 14th June 2021

Overview of Learning w/c 14.06.21

English w/c 14.06.21

Maths w/c 14.06.21

Topic w/c 14.06.21

Remote Learning W/C 7th June 2021.

Overview of Learning w/c 07.06.21

English w/c 7.6.21

Maths w/c 07.06.21

Topic w/c 07.06.21

Remote Learning W/C 24th May 2021

Overview of Learning w/c 24.5.21

English w/c 24.5.21

Maths w/c 24.5.21

Topic w/c 24.05.21

Remote Learning W/C 17th May 2021

Overview of Learning W/C 17.05.21

English W/C 17.05.21

Maths w/c 17.5.21

Maths Video Multiplication and Division

Still image for this video
You may like to watch this video which recaps the different methods for solving multiplication and division number sentences

Topic W/C 17.05.21

Remote Learning W/C 10th May 2021.

Overview of Learning - w/c 10.05.21

English w/c 10.05.21

Maths w/c 10.05.21

Topic w/c 10.05.21

Remote Learning W/C 3rd May 2021.

Overview of Learning w/c 03.05.21

English W/C 03.05.21

Maths w/c 03.05.21

Topic w/c 03.05.21

Remote Learning W/C 26th April 2021.

Overview of Learning W/C 26th April 2021

English W/C 26.04.21

Topic W/C 26.04.21

Remote Learning W/C 19th April 2021

Overview of Learning W/C 19.04.21

English W/C 19.04.21

Topic W/C 19.04.21


Remote Learning W/C 29th March 2021

Overview of Learning W/C 29.03.21
English W/C 29.3.21
Maths W/C 29.3.21
Topic W/C 29.03.21
Remote Learning W/C 22nd March 2021
Overview of Learning W/C 22.03.21
English W/C 22.3.21
Topic W/C 22.03.21
Remote Learning W/C 15th March 2021
Overview of Learning W/C 15.03.21
English W/C 15.03.21
Topic W/C 15.03.21

Maths Videos W/C 15.03.21


Maths Worksheets W/C 15.03.21. There is no worksheet for Monday as it is an activity lesson.

Remote Learning W/C 8th March 2021
Overview of learning - W/C 08.03.21
English - W/C 08.03.21
Topic - W/C 08.03.21

Maths Videos - W/C 08.03.21

There is no video for Friday as it is an end of unit assessment