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Class 8 ---- Perfect Penguins

Class 8 Penguins Parent Meeting 16.09.21

Children isolating will be able to access remote learning from this website under 'Messages from School' (Just like last year). 

Autumn Term 2021

Our topic this term is 'Chocolate'. We will be learning about the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made and hopefully visiting Cadbury World on our school trip.  


We have learned all about place value in maths this term. We have practised making numbers in different ways and partitioning them into their tens and ones. 


In D.T we practised knife skills on playdough so that we could cut fruit for our kebabs on spa day. Here we are learning the bridge and claw grips. 

Cadbury World

We had a brilliant day at Cadbury World. We found out all about how John Cadbury set up the factory, how chocolate is made and how they package it. We also got the chance to practise tempering chocolate, write our names with melted chocolate and we even got to taste some! 

More Maths!

We have been learning how to add and subtract using our knowledge of tens and ones. We practised first with dienes apparatus and then we learned to draw the tens and ones to solve questions with a written method. 

Primary Books

We were very lucky to get a visit from Primary Books. We had a lovely time looking at all the books. We also heard a traditional story from Japan, looked a traditional Japanese clothing and practised some meditation! 

Spring Term 2022

Our new topic for this term is 'London's Burning!'. We are really excited to start learning all about the Great Fire of London and what London was like in 1666. 

NSPCC Number Day

We really enjoyed NSPCC Number Day! We 'dressed up for digits' in clothes that related to numbers and completed the special maths key challenge to earn extra sparkle time. 

Children's Mental Health Week

In children's mental health week, we took 10 minutes every day to do something for our wellbeing.  Here we are having a go at yoga and breathing exercises...


We are very lucky this half term to be learning archery and fencing in P.E. We had a great time practising our aim and shooting in our first archery session. 

World Book Day

Science Week

In Science week we had a special afternoon of science, where we visited each year 2 classroom and completed lots of fun Science activities. 


In Class 7 we saw held, cuddled and stroked the baby chicks! They are so cute but quite wriggly - and they also poo a lot!! 

In Class 9 we did an experiment to find out if beans will grow in a plastic bag. We had to set up our experiment carefully and then Miss Mee taped the bags to our classroom windows so the beans get lots of light. We're waiting to see if they grow...

In Class 8, we did some mini investigations. First we put ketchup onto copper coins to see what happened, then we made bubble prints with paint, water and washing up liquid - we had to blow bubbles into the paint mixture with a straw which was lots of fun. 

PE - Fencing


Decorated Egg Competition

Just before Easter, we held our annual decorated egg competition. This year, the theme was the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and we had lots of fanstastic entries in Class 8. Congratulations to our winner...Brandon! 

Summer Term 2022

We are really excited about our last term at CGINS! There are lots of exciting things planned this term and we can't wait to start learning! Our new topic is 'Places Near and Far'.